A Look at the Gossips Surrounding the Features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Review things you didn’t know.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! This has been the life story of Samsung Galaxy S line since its launch back in 2010. But now, it seems that the company has come up with something more than before. They have literally come up with a phone that not only matches iPhone, but it surpasses it. Design: Bad news for you […]

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Love it or Hate it, The iPhone 6 is an Inspiring Smartphone – Review How it Differs From Other Smartphones.

With iPhone 6, you are going to have two options, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Both are bigger and have more screen display than iPhone 5, that measure 4 inches diagonally. iPhone 6, on the other hand, is 4.7 inches and iPhone 6 Plus will be 5.5 inches. But what exactly do you think these numbers mean? iPhone is […]

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The Innovative Features you didn’t know about Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge could do – Review

Samsung, the giant mobile enterprise, has always managed to come up with something that would leave its customers in awe. Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge were no different. People have been going crazy after the phone ever since they have being unveiled at The Mobile World Congress in February. The phones may have looked similar to their predecessors, but […]

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