Alpha Smartphones is Providing High Quality, Low Cost Refurbished & Used Phones

Refurbished and Used Phones

East London, UK, March 2, 2017— A new stock of high quality refurbished and used smartphones including iPhones and Samsung devices are available online. Alpha Smartphones has a wide range of new, used and refurbished smartphones available at low prices on its website, Alpha Smartphones.

The new stock includes used and refurbished iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and Sony at affordable prices.  Orders are shipped the same day as the order is placed.

  • Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s are the most popular mobiles sold on Alpha Smartphones. Both have been stocked and are available on the marketplace for a low cost. Other Apple phones available range from the iPhone 4s to new iPhone 7 smartphones.
  • Samsung Galaxy S is the most popular non-Apple device and another best-seller. New stock of the Samsung Galaxy range from S5 to S6 to S6 Edge and offer a low-cost alternative to Apple devices. Samsung phones are available from the Galaxy S3 to the new Galaxy S7 smartphones.
  • HTC and Sony models are also available new, used and refurbished for purchase on the marketplace.

Alpha Smartphones is also an authorised online retailer with all the major brands promising the highest quality to customers. Every phone comes with a no risk warranty for 30 days along with a free returns policy to ensure customers are happy with the purchase. New smartphones come with the manufacturer 12 month warranty.

Alpha Smartphones is a trusted online store that lists fully refurbished, brand new as well as used smartphones of all brands, all in one place. With more than ten years experience in this industry, Alpha Smartphones are expert at delivering unparalleled level of service and are dedicated to selling only specially selected smartphones that exceed customers’ expectations.

Alpha Smartphones Offers to Consumers High Quality, Low Cost Renewed and Used Smartphones Online in UK with 1 year warranty and free postage.

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