How to Recycle My Phone Properly?

Recycle My Phone

Global warming is the talk of the town for last few years. The extremity in temperatures and mega environmental changes have questioned the human code of conduct. The wrongdoing of mankind has massively ruined the healthy environment. All the credit goes to rapid industrialization. Some products are exhaustible and the environment is polluted only during manufacturing. While electronic gadget industry is one such industry which is contaminating environment during and after production. A steep rise in toxicity levels has called for quick and effective remedial measures. One such baby step is recycle my phone.

Significant Effects of Mobile Phone Recycling

Engineering a mobile phone requires plenty of resources and energy. Plastic and scarce metals are heavily used while crafting the desired smartphone. Chipsets and improved circuit connection require some very sophisticated metals such as palladium and copper. Other commonly used metals include mercury, lithium, cadmium, and lead etc.

Though these metals are instrumental for operational efficiency of smartphones, but for living beings, it’s not less than a poison. This all is basically e-waste. Elaborating the term further it encompasses abandoned electronic/electrical devices. It also accounts for the electronic items that ultimately end in recycling, re-selling, reuse, disposal or salvage. This waste when not treated accordingly and cast off wildly result in infected soil, water, agriculture, poultry, and living health.

Greenhouse gas emission is another grave consequence that can be prevented to a certain extent if I urge to recycle my phone properly. Extraction of metals engages huge machinery and immense capital. Machines when used uncontrollably contaminate air to alarming levels. The entire episode of this extensive procedure can be wiped off if every individual takes the oath that I will recycle my phone no matter what. If this approach takes the world by storm it is expected that the overall pricing of cheap smartphones will be lesser than before.

If I Recycle my Phone Am I Saving Natural Resources?

Numerous valuable metals vanished from the face of the earth in last 50 years. The rapid digitalization owes this credit. If the mining rate remains the same it is hoped that very rare metals like tantalum, coltan, gold, beryllium, and zinc will be the names to remember with no more actual existence. Mobile Phone Recycling will although not put a stop to extraction but it will decelerate the speed to the maximum limit.

Expanding the benefits of recycling further, it has a great impact on energy production. Let’s check it out how?

  • As per EPA, 3657 homes could get energy when fuelled with power derived by recycling 1million laptops. The figures are for the US basically but can be compared with UK statistics too.
  • Recycling 1million smartphones actually mean retrieving 33lbs of palladium, 75 lbs gold, 772lbs silver, and 35274 lbs of copper.
  • Circuit boards if carefully worked worth more than the ore itself. According to statistics 1 ton of circuit boards are assessed to have 30-40times increased copper and 40-800 time increased gold as compared to 1 metric ton of similar ore.

Benefits Recycle Mobile Phones

Cash: Everybody loves cash and no one can deny it. The earned cash can be used for any expense. Most people decide that I want to recycle my phone for a better version. A wise strategy to spend minimal amount from the bank and making the best deal.

Besides earning cash guilt free disposal and peace of mind are priceless treasures. These authorized companies basically transform these electronic devices into something useful. For instance:

  • Recovered plastic from mobile phones is used in PET bottles, household products, and light furniture. The packaging industry has an extensive implication of recycled plastic.
  • Rechargeable/non-rechargeable batteries are produced from old broken and useless batteries.
  • The automotive industry is greatly reliant on recycling industry both on macro and micro level.
  • Lower graded recycled metals are used in jewelry making.

Where to Recycle my Mobile Phone?

The long debate about recycling my phone is of no use till the discovery of the most appropriate mobile phone recycle. In the UK SellTheMobile is one such name trusted by an enormous number of clients. This is primarily because this company always has something to offer regardless of your mobile condition. Be it only a few years old or completely broken mobile you can easily get rid of the abandoned device within minutes by following below mentioned procedure.

i) Visit The Right Address:

A minor typo error can misguide you. Don’t get confused with similar names, visit the official address

ii) Hunt for The Deal:

You should be knowing the precise make and model of your mobile phone you are offering for sale along with key specs. GB is one such key spec that you should be sure about. Higher GB means more money and vice versa. Next is the network of mobile and its locked/unlocked status.

Don’t panic if its locked SellTheMobile has a solution for this, but if you own an unlocked set you are at a bonus for bagging some more pounds. Don’t hesitate to provide the exact faults of your phone. The honest you are the fair deal you can score. Since SellTheMobile offers unbiased mobile recycling comparison you can easily analyse all appealing offers to conclude your deal.

iii) Postage:

Unlike other companies, you will get an opportunity of free postage while dealing with SellTheMobile. Finalize your dealer and ask the buyer to send you free postage. Alternatively, you can adopt to print your own version.

iv) Post your Phone:

The deal is operative for 14 days only and after the expiry of this period it will be terminated automatically. If you find a deal fit your estimate post your mobile quickly and keep the add-ons with you. They are still your possession.

v) Prompt Payment:

SellTheMobile operates in collaboration with The service is both quick and reliable delivering the mobile phone in maximum 3 days. Once the buyer receives your set he will counter check it with the stated description. Once satisfied, he will pay you the similar day.

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