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Smartphone purchasers have a lot to look onward to in 2018. Devices will be thinner, quicker, and maybe a bit more intelligent than you’d alike.

Simulated reality will feast to cheap smartphones, and they will likewise have well graphics, higher resolve screens, and more storing. Particularly, you’ll be using your smartphone to pay for produces and log into websites.

Deep wisdom could help smartphones become a fix on user conduct and improve the mobile skill. We could see a rebirth in smartphone designs, and wireless audio could substitute headphone jacks in more handsets. USB-C will replace older connector and charging cables.


Here are 9 Smartphone Trends Could Be in Future:

 Novel Designs:

The gossip mills are filled with new smartphone strategies. The projecting rumors include Apple giving a renovation to its secondhand iPhone design and Samsung coming out with a portable smartphone. It’s not sure these will happen, but like each year, imagine something new.

This year, the hot tendency was customizable smartphones like Moto Z and LG G5, which were partially enthused by Google’s now obsolete Project Are. Some novelties were revealed this year, counting Lenovo’s CPlus, a prototype folding smartphone that can be tattered like a watch. LG and Samsung Galaxy Mobiles have also talked about smartphones with folding parades.

 Rapid Chips:

Graphics will be flatter, and applications will run much quicker on next year’s smartphones. Qualcomm has previously publicized the Snapdragon 835, which could be connected in some best Android smartphones from top mobile firms. Certain may choose for Mediator’s Helios X30, which has 10 CPU cores, the uppermost number amongst mobile processors. That’s a lot of dispensation firepower, and handsets will move nearer to PCs in general performance.

 Simulated Reality:

The point of fast-moving up mobile devices is to let them to run applications like simulated reality, which demand weighty resources. It’ll be likely to plug handsets into Google’s Reverie View VR headset to watch movies, play games, or roam VR worlds.

VR is now limited to a limited handsets like Samsung Galaxy S7, but it’ll come to more high-end and mid-range phones following year. The VR smartphones will essential to have high-resolution displays to bring a stunning graphic experience.

Faster LTE:

LTE speeds will get a thoughtful boost with new modem technologies. Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple’s refurbished iPhone 7 can download data over LTE networks at an all-out speed of 600Mbps (bits per second), and upload data at 150Mbps.

Download speeds could spread close to 1Gbps with Qualcomm’s novel Snapdragon X16 modem, which should grasp devices in the second half of 2016. Attaining that speed too be contingent on the network capabilities of a shipper.


This is the year USB-C will substitute the aging micro-USB 2.0 ports in Android handsets. USB-C is extremely adaptable—beyond charging, it can be used to connect mobile devices to high-definition monitors, headphones, flash drives, and outside storage devices.

 Wireless Audio:

There’s a decent chance a mainstream of smartphones will still have headphone jacks, but like Apple, certain may make gathering up the “courage” to remove it. Those handsets will switch to Bluetooth earphones.

That means the further headache of buying and recharging wireless headsets, but getting purge of the headphone jack could result in thinner and lighter handsets. Some Motorola smartphones previously have moved forward with wireless audio.

 Faster Charging:

Smartphones will charge much quicker with USB-C cables, which can transmit more power to a battery. There’s likewise technology like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4, which will help smartphones run for five hours afterward just five minutes of charging. That technology will spread smartphones next year.

 Device Brilliance:

Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro increased reality smartphones can recognize substances, map out rooms, and present related information about objects in sight on a handset’s screen. That’s a decent example of how smartphones will change to augment the user experience.

Deep-learning methods in smartphones could likewise contribute to making smartphones kindlier. For instance, a device could learn how hardware is actuality used by an exact application, and over time, better moderate power usage to recover battery life. Smartphones can previously recognize images and speech gratitude via online services, but deep-learning improvements could bring those abilities offline.

Bluetooth 5:

Devices could soon become the new Bluetooth 5 wireless description, which will have two times the speed and four times the variety of its predecessor, Bluetooth 4.2. A Bluetooth 5 connection could elasticity up to 400 meters in a clear line of sight, but with obstacles, a 120-meter range is measured more truthful by analysts. You will be capable to use a mobile device to function a wireless Bluetooth speaker or unlock or a car from a longer space.

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