15 Tips & Tricks to Know About Samsung Galaxy S6

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Samsung Galaxy S6 is an amazing device. Whoever has used it has been praising it. It is said that both Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are one of a kind. Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with high-quality 16-megapixel photos, 4K videos, and an extremely fast processor.

There are numerous refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 features that will leave you in awe, but we are going to mention just the top 15 features. These features come handy when using the outstanding device.


Changing Home Screen Gird – Samsung Galaxy S6:

The ability to change the Home Screen-Grid is perhaps of the best feature of Samsung Galaxy S6. You can change the size of the TouchWiz Home Screen grid via this feature. It is very useful especially when you want to add less or more icon to each panel.

To change the Home Screen gird on your phone, press and hold the Home Screen. Then tap on the Screen-grid option. You will come across three options, 5×5, 4×5, 4×4, choose the one that suits your needs. To rearrange the home screen panels, hold down the home screen.


Boost Your Download Speed:

Samsung Galaxy S6 has an amazing way to download large files faster. The phone tends to use the combination of both Wi-Fi along with cellular Network (LTE) to download files at the same time. However, what you need to understand is that download large files on your mobile data is going to consume a large amount of your data allotment. To enable this feature, go to Settings, from there tap on Wireless and Networks, More and then enable the Download Booster option.


Change Headphone’s Sound Quality:

I am sure most of you didn’t know that you can change the sound quality of your phone while using Bluetooth headset or headphones. To change the quality, go got Settings, tap on the Sound and Notification option, Sound Quality and Effects and then on Adapt Sound. You can set up Tube Amp and SoundAlive+ in the Adapt Sound feature.


Disable Pre installed Apps:

Most of the Smartphones come with preinstalled Apps, previously you were not able to disable these apps. However, in Samsung Galaxy S6, you can disable these apps by following simple steps. Launch the App Drawer, tap on Edit button and then on the minus sign in front of the app you want to disable.

Another way to disable the preinstalled app is to go to Applications and tap on Application Manager. Now on the top slide from Download to All to see all your apps. Here, look for t hap you want to disable and tap on the disable option.

A pop-up will come forward with the message that you are disabling an inbuilt option and it might create some error. If you are sure, ignore the error and proceed.


Kids Mode:

Want to give your niece or nephews your S6, we suggest you enable the Kids Mode. To activate this mode, go to Galaxy Essential, tap on the menu located at the top of the device and search for the Kids Mode there. The Kids Mode will make your phone more interesting for the kids with animated home screen and customizable characters.


Lock Screen- Live Weather Report:

You can get Live Weather Report on the Lock Screen of your cheap Samsung Galaxy S6 for sale. To enjoy this feature, go to Settings, from there to Lock Screen and Security, Show Information and lastly tap on the Weather option. You will have to turn on the location Settings to use this feature.


Move Around Quick Toggles:

You can move around the Quick Toggles to make things more effective and efficient for you. Open the Quick Toggles Menu and then tap on the Edit button. The button looks like a pencil, then you can move around buttons for flashlight, sound, NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. You can add more function buttons as well.


Review your Photo Immediately:

This is an interesting feature of refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6, you can review your photos instantly. Once you take a picture, you don’t have to head to the Gallery to review it, on the contrary, you can automatically preview it right after you take the picture. This way you can decide which picture to keep and which one to delete. Enable this feature by going to Settings, Camera app and there enable Review Picture option.


Photos using Grid Lines:

Using the Grid Lines feature makes it easier for you to use the Rule of the thirds for every picture. The Rule of thirds is a photography method that makes it easier for you to get the balanced composition of your subjects. Enable the Grid Lines, go to the Camera app, tap on Settings, and then enable the Grid Lines option. When the option is enabled you will see vertical and horizontal lines on the camera screen.


Quick Launch Camera:

No longer do you have to go to home screen, look for the camera app and tap on it to launch it. You can now launch the app by tapping twice on the Home Button. To enable the Quick Launch option, go to the Camera app, open the Settings and enable the feature.


Record Ultra High-Definition Video:

Samsung Galaxy S6 lets you record Ultra-High Definition videos. By default, the resolution is set to 1920×1080 at 30 fps, but you can take it up to 3840×2160 resolution. You can change the video settings any time you want. Open the Camera app, and then tap on its Settings. To change the resolution tap on Video Size option under Settings.


Set Up Easy Mode:

You can simplify the smartphone experience for a non-technical person by enabling the Easy Mode. The Easy Mode will have a simpler home screen layout, the size of the font will be increased and a couple of other things will be made easy. Go to Settings, Personal Section and tap on the Easy Mode option.


Take a Screenshot:

You can take a screenshot with a palm swipe instead of pressing the Home and Power button at the same time. This is a pretty cool feature, to enable this option, go to Settings, Motions, and Gestures, Palm Swipe to Capture.


Ultra-Power Saving option:

If you are in a place where charging isn’t possible, you can enable the ultra-power saving option. It will turn your smartphone into a Symbian one with only the basic functionality and the battery will last for days. Go to Settings, Battery, Power Saving Mode and enable the Power Saving mode.


Wide Selfies:

If all the people are not fitting in the camera, try taking a Wide Selfie. In this mode, you will have to move your phone from left to right and your front camera should be activated. This will capture everyone who is around in one Wide Selfie.


Alpha Smartphones:

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Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a number of cool feature including Kids Mode, quick Camera access by pressing the home button twice, Wide Selfie, and much more. The phone is a complete package for anyone who wants to get their hands on an amazing smartphone.

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