Which is the Best Apple Smartphone? – iPhone 8 or iPhone X

iPhone X for sale

Apple releases its new three amazing iPhones; iPhone 8, iPhone plus, and iPhone X. all these three iPhones are simply marvelous. After refurbished iPhone 6 plus Apple skipped iPhone 7S and direct release iPhone 8. Not only this, Apple also changes its traditional style by releasing iPhone X on its 10th Anniversary.

But the release of three amazing iPhones at the same time make people confuse that which new Apple iPhone they should buy or which one they should skip. iPhone lovers are really excited about the release of new flagships of Apple. Here we will discuss the major difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone X, it will help you to choose which new iPhone you should buy.

Both phones are identical in many features but there some features which create the difference.


Apple has its unique style and it never leaves its traditional style, it left us like with same old iPhone with advanced features. But things are different this year especially with iPhone X. iPhone 8 and iPhone X are different especially in design.

Display of iPhone has stretched the edge to edge which is new to iPhone style. While iPhone 8 has 4.7 inches display. With this amazing display, iPhone X for sale also has Face ID. And you will miss Home button which is gone here. Glass back is same in all three new apple flagships.

Special Specs:

Face ID unlock feature is new to iPhone, iPhone introduced this feature in iPhone X. if we talk about processor of new flagships the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X; all three phones powered by the A11 Bionic chip.

Which improves 25% speed of new flagships iPhones as compared to previous models. iPhone X can perform 600 billion operations in one second. Although both phones are same internally they are totally different in their display.

Apple first time introduced OLED display and broke its traditional style. OLED display offers more accurate and vivid colors as compared to normal LCDs. It is also more accurate black.

The iPhone X with OLED screen also supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10 capable. It also produces much higher resolution 2436 x 1125. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus still have the Home button which is gone in iPhone X. iPhone X got amazing sensor which scans your face and provides you Face ID with which you can unlock your phone with just one look.


iPhone 8 still stuck with the same old 12MP camera but if we talk about iPhone 8 plus or iPhone X got 12MP improved cameras. And also got more accurate focus and optical stabilization. iPhone X got more advanced feature than iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. You can do animation chatting with amazing iPhone X.

It also introduces portrait filters to users. The dual camera supports more accurate pictures even you can click more sharp and clear pictures with blur background. iPhone X supports 10X zoom for photos and 6X zoom for videos. It has improved and fast lenses which even can click sharp pictures even in low light.


Although Apple has penetrated its best engineering skills in its top rated smartphones, glaring one of the best smartphone features. But the only factor that Apple has missed is the price factor. Price factor matters a lot that directly affects user business and customer potential to buy it. According to the latest sources, the price of Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 is much expensive as compared to the company’s previous models.


The new iPhones of Apple are simply impressive. And iPhone X is simply outstanding it breaks all expectations of viewers and introduce a new generation of iPhones. For Apple`s new flagships it introduced many new features like wireless charging. Apple also introduces AirPower mat for your Apple`s products. IOS 11 is pre installed in new devices with amazing features.

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