Top 7 Online Stores to Buy Refurbished Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S8

The latest Android smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. Which is simply incredible. Though latest Android and Phone smartphones come with little higher prices, there are such companies that offer tremendous prices on top used and refurbished smartphones.

People who can’t afford expensive Android smartphone either they like to wait for price drop or they buy their favourite refurbished smartphone. Both are good options. Buying a refurbished smartphone isn’t a bad idea, you can buy your favourite Android smartphone as a refurbished android phone of the same standard of a brand new smartphone.

What is a Refurbished Smartphone?

Before buying a refurbished phone it is important to know that what is actually a refurbished phone is. Many times people get bored of their smartphone and returned it to the company or they found some fault so they sell their smartphone.

Company examine those phones, repair all unsatisfactory faults, and sell those repaired and reconditioned smartphones as refurbished smartphones. These refurbished smartphones are of the same standard of brand new smartphones.

Why Should you Buy a Refurbished Smartphone?

The refurbished Android phone is a good choice, there are many reasons to buy refurbished phones. Some are given below;

  • Once you opened the box of a brand new smartphone, it will call a used smartphone. Once you take out a smartphone from the box it will no longer a brand new smartphone.
  • When a cell phone is used its price got down automatically. People don’t like to pay the full amount for a used smartphones.
  • Due to refurbished phones, you do not need to bind yourself in a contract to buy your favorite smartphone.
  • Some retailer sells refurbished smartphone as the brand new smartphone because people can’t differentiate easily between a refurbished smartphone and a brand new smartphone. Although is dishonesty some companies do this. And it works also because the refurbished smartphone is like a brand new smartphone.

Top Seven Refurbished Smartphone Selling Companies

 1- Alpha Smartphones:

Alpha Smartphones is one of the leading used and refurbished smartphone selling companies in the UK which sells refurbished, used and brand new smartphones. It is a trusted and reliable marketplace which is professional in this industry and has over 10-years’ experience. It specializes in selling fully refurbished smartphone.

It is certified and authorized company which offers many policies to its customers. It is the only company in the UK which offers you 30 days return back policy and one year warranty.  If you don’t like your smartphone you can return back it to the company in 30 days and it will take it back without saying a single word.

Your satisfaction is everything so it does everything for it. It has a large variety of refurbished iPhones Android smartphones. Even you can buy latest flagships of Android on discount price here.

2- Walmart:

Walmart is also one the best-refurbished smartphone selling company. You can check your smartphone before purchasing it. You can visit the physical store but if can’t go then you can also buy online at your home. Walmart is full of stock. Walmart also offers you one year warranty. But some smartphones are quite expensive here or it has high prices for them.

3- Amazon:

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces which offers fully reliable refurbished electronics to customers. It has a large number of the variety of refurbished smartphones for buyers. The best thing about Amazon is it delivers you your smartphone really very fast. You don’t need to wait hard to get your refurbished smartphone.

4- Newegg:

Newegg basically a PC things seller company and sells components of computers. It also sells Android refurbished smartphones. It has good customer services so that’s why I include it in top seven Android smartphone selling companies. Although the stock of variety is not great like Alpha Smartphones as it provides trustworthy services.

5- eBay:

It is reliable to recommend eBay for buying refurbished smartphones. There are many terrible stories you have seen about it but still, eBay is one of the best places to buy Android refurbished products. The reason behind its popularity is its massive store that offers multiple versions of both Android and iPhone smartphones in various price choices that mostly suitable to a common customer.

6- Best Buy:

Best Buy is in top seven ranking companies for selling refurbished smartphones in the USA. They sell low cost refurbished smartphones and sometimes they provide free shipping too. If you have best buy shop nearby then it is a good option for buying a refurbished Android smartphone.

7- Overstock:

Overstock is an online Android refurbished smartphone selling company. It also provides shipping services outside the UK. But if you want to buy the latest smartphone on discount price then I will recommend you overstock as one can expect a variety of smartphones with a range of prices.


The above mentioned names are the top 7 online stores from where you can buy refurbished smartphones. If you want to get rid of your old or broken phone, just sell it and choose a new one for you. Get the best cash deal for your used or broken mobile phone from which is UK’s best mobile phone recycling price comparison website. It give you the price comparison of your mobile from the top recycling companies.

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