Top 8 Tips Must Know Before Buying a Refurbished iPhone

iPhone 6s plus

Everyone is familiar with Apple iPhone`s high rates especially brand new iPhones are really high in streets. That’s why people prefer to Buy a refurbished smartphone or buy used iPhones rather than spending their money on an expensive brand new iPhone plus when a new model of iPhone released prices of older models go down automatically.

If you`re going to buy a refurbished iPhone, then you should buy in September or October because due to the release of the new model of iPhone people rush to sell their old mobiles and buy new ones.

Apple is Releasing iOS 11:

Here is a surprise for Apple iPhone lovers, Apple is releasing iOS 11 for 64-bit Phones. But here is a bad thing too, iOS 11 will not be updated on 32 GB bit or less. Because Apple also supports its old hardware till people don’t want to move on.

Apple iPhone lovers can use their favorite iPhones as long as they want and when they tired of their old smartphones they can come to an updated version of iPhone smartphone.  iOS 11 only will be updated on 64 bit, not on any other else.

If you want IOS 11 then iPhone 6S and 6S plus are good choices if you can afford. But what if you can’t afford these expensive smartphones? Don’t worry. It’s simple. Sell your old used iPhones so the price of those come down to earth so people can buy their affordable iPhone and you can buy your favorite updated iPhone.

“Consider following points before buying a refurbished smartphone”

Before buying your refurbished favorite smartphone from any retailer keep some things in your mind. Some important cautions are given below.

i) Buy from a Certified Seller:

If you want to buy a certified factory refurbished iPhone, buy it from Alpha Smartphones. It is an authorized and certified company which sells brand new, refurbished and used smartphones at low rates. It is fully trusted marketplace which works over ten years.

This marketplace offers you refurbished smartphones like brand new smartphones with handsome policies and a one-year warranty. It is experienced in the refurbished and used mobile industry and specializes in selling fully refurbished mobile phones.

If you want to buy your refurbished smartphone from a certified company, then you should go to “Alpha Smartphones”.

ii) Make Assured Phone is Unlocked or Not:

Well, it is not easy to demand to see original owner of iPhone in many cases. But before buying a used or refurbished iPhone it is good to make sure that your iPhone is not stolen. But if the original recipient isn’t available it doesn’t mean that iPhone is stolen but still, it is good to get information about the unlocked iPhone 6S plus you’re are going to buy.

iii) Get Complete Information of Seller:

It is good to have complete information about your seller. Take complete email address and contact number also. Also, research a lot about them and try to find them on other social networks so you can make a contact with them in case your iPhone stop working after one week. Always prefer to buy from a trusted seller that has positive review, offers one-year warranty and free return policy.

iv) Try to Meet your Seller at a Safe Place:

If we are suggesting all these cautions it never means that retailers or sellers are dishonest. But it’s good to make sure there is no risk in your deal. Risks should be avoided so meet your seller at a secure place to avoid any misshaping. It is good to meet your dealer at a safe place like if there is any packed coffee shop with CCTV camera or near any police station, it would be helpful in case of emergency.

v) Examine your Refurbished iPhone Before Buy:

You’re not buying your refurbished iPhone for free so before paying the amount test and examine your refurbished iPhone thoroughly, all of its features and working. Make sure you’re buying a right iPhone. Some of the third party sellers only offers few day warranty with no return policy that means there must be some suspicious defect. Make it sure that you invest in the right place.

vi) Check Out IMEI Number of Device:

The IMEI number, it is a unique 15-digits number which has complete information of the device and its owners. To check IMEI number of iPhone, go to settings, tap on general, and select about. Copy IMEI number of device and paste it on

Here you can get all of information iPhone via this IMEI number, check its activation info and warranty and also check out is it is locked for any carrier or reported lost or stolen. From IMEI number you can also block a stolen iPhone.

vii) Check Out iCloud Sign in:

While examining your refurbished iPhone make sure that there is no iCloud account signed in on this device, because if there is an iCloud account signed in it will prevent restoring or may be this suggests that this iPhone is stolen or your user can screw you after selling his iPhone to you, he can easily block iPhone using that iCloud account. So make sure there is no any other account is signed on the device.

viii) Demand Return Policy from your Seller:

Some certified sellers offer return policy but most of the retailer sell their devices with no return policy. But if you are buying an expensive device like iPhone then it is your right to ask about return policy. If your seller doesn’t provide you return policy, then prefer any other retailer or seller who offers you return back policy.

Which is the Best place to Buy Refurbished iPhone 6s Plus?

iPhone 6S plus is a handsome smartphone which is capable of taking your heart in seconds.  You can buy your favorite unlocked iPhone 6S plus on Alpha Smartphones with big lovely discount.

Before buying a refurbished or recycled iPhone, you should know about the above mentioned tips. Because it is very necessary to buy a refurbished smartphone. If you are thinking about to change your mobile phone, then you can sell your current phone by making a space for new one. To sell your phone, compare its price at and get the best cash deal for your mobile.


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