How to Increase Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life?

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is an amazing smartphone of this age. Its looks are better enough to take your heart. An amazing camera, HD movies and HD gaming and Touch Wiz are roars to your life. In spite of all these awesome features, if Samsung Galaxy S6 users are facing continuously “Bad battery timing” I have sorted out the solution.

Even after the arrival Doze and Android Nougat, there is no improvement yet. Here are some tips for you to fix your Samsung Galaxy S6 bad battery life problem if you`re running Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy S6 has a non-removable battery but the non-removable battery doesn’t affect user`s activities. Android Marshmallow`s nougat helps to tackle this problem so, upgrade your smartphone to Android Marshmallow Nougat. But some people are facing the problem. Still, there are complaints about the bad battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 marshmallow and Nougat.


How to Fix Bad Galaxy S6 Battery Life?

Well, here we have a solution for your abnormal battery drain of Samsung Galaxy S6. This guide will help you to improve your Samsung`s battery life if you`re running Android lollipop, Android Marshmallow or Samsung`s Android Nougat update. Android Nougat has many amazing features to tackle this issue. You`ll be surprised to know these features.


Find Apps Eating Up Your Battery:

If your battery has abnormal drain then there is the first recommendation for you to check your third party applications. If you want to improve battery life of your smartphone then you should keep an eye on your applications.

Applications, third party, and the stock has the tendency to drain huge battery life in all smartphones, not only in Samsung Galaxy S6. If you are using an application a lot, then it gonna drain your smartphone`s battery a lot.

For its solution, Go to settings of Samsung Galaxy S5  and take a look which application is draining and how much it is draining your Samsung`s battery life. Samsung`s battery section has every single detail of battery draining analysis, if notice something abnormal, then you need to look applications more deeply.

If you analyze an application is draining more battery life of your Galaxy S6 then try reinstalling the app to see if it fix the problem. Still, if you’re facing the same problem then try uninstalling it if you can, to see if it has a good and positive influence on your Galaxy S6.

If you don’t get the real problem or app that might cause trouble, then you should boot your Galaxy phone in safe mode to figure out the potential troublemakers. When you`ll boot your Samsung into safe mode, it will disable third party application and help you to find out troublemaker application.

To boot your Galaxy S6 into safe mode, firstly, Power down the device. Then, press & hold the power button and volume down key and once it boots up, you can let go of the power button but keep the volume key held down. After that when you entered into safe mode, you`ll notice the text at the bottom left corner of the screen, “safe mode”.


Sleep Apps When You Aren’t Using Them:

Samsung S6 Nougat update helps you to conserve your battery life. Android Nougat allows you to sleep applications so they can’t drain the battery life of your smartphone when you’re not using those applications. It will help you to save your phone`s battery life from hogging application like Facebook or what’s app.

To sleep application on your Galaxy S6 smartphone you have to update your Galaxy on to Nougat. If you’re running Android Nougat, then to sleep an application, press and hold on an application icon, a few options will pop up. Select to sleep your selected application. If you use this feature regularly, you`ll observe a good boost to your battery life.


Use the Power Saving Modes:

In Android Nougat you`ll see two battery saving of these is “power saving modes” and the other one is “Maximum power saving mode”. Both modes are customized to control the brightness of screen and data usage network in the background.

If you`re using Marshmallow, then here is also two power saving software features. If you go to settings>system>battery, you`ll see two features, one is “power saving mode” and the other is “ultra-saving mode”.

When you switch “power saving mode”, it will reduce the time before the screen is turned off when you receive notifications and also limit your maximum CPU performance, reduce screen brightness and overall frame rate, turn off the touch key lights, turn off vibration feedback. When you switch to “Ultra saving mode” it will apply a “greyscale” to your Samsung and it will limit your usable applications.


Use Device Maintenance:

Android Nougat provides you “Device maintenance mode” in your settings. Once you open it up you’ll come to a screen with a few options including Battery, Device Security, storage, and Ram.

All these have further subset setting which helps in power saving and enhances battery life. Go to each one of these and find a suitable combination of settings that work for your Samsung`s Galaxy S6 battery life.


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