Which one You Should Buy? Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S6


Here`s a precise comparison, how much Samsung Galaxy s6 is better than Samsung Galaxy S5.


Samsung Galaxy S6 VS S5 – Design and Build Quality:

Well, I would like to admit that Samsung is one of the best brands I`ve seen. At the release of NOTE4, I thought that it was near perfect but Samsung Galaxy S6 surprised me with its unique and fabulous style. I admit it that it breaks the traditional design.

From the front still it is hard to get the difference between both phones, Samsung Galaxy S5 has wider button than Samsung Galaxy S6 but Samsung Galaxy S6 has smaller bezels than Samsung Galaxy S5. From the front, all features seem same. From the sides and back, there is a huge difference between them.

S6 got “premium” strips while S5 has a metallic-looking, ribbed plastic trim on the sides with the infamous Band-Aid battery cover, S6 has aluminum sheets with the sheet of Gorilla Glass 4 on the back, which seems better than traditional looks of smartphones.

The flash and heartbeat-monitor are shifted to side from Samsung Galaxy S5`s place below the camera lens, but both the cameras are swelled slightly, from the downside Samsung S6 is weirdly slippery and back glass is a big fingerprint magnet. Speakers are shifted to bottom on the edge rather than its previous traditional position.

Obviously, Samsung Galaxy S6 is the winner here but slipperiness and fingerprints are real issues, the overall design is more charming and confident. Well, it is not wrong to say that Samsung Galaxy S5 does feel better to hand, even it has an old design.


Display – Galaxy S6 VS Galaxy S5:

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) which produces pixel density of 432 pixels per inch (PPI), while Samsung Galaxy S6 has QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) which produces pixel density 577 pixels per inch (PPI). Both smartphones have 5.1 –inch super AMOLED display.

Display of Samsung galaxy S6 is simply loved. It is sharp and bright. It is best among all display of Android phones yet. Samsung Galaxy S5 also has a good display but the feeling comes after viewing the difference between HD and QHD display.


Software – Galaxy S6 VS Galaxy S5:

There is not much difference between them here, S6 has Android 5.0.2 while S5 has Android 5.0 and near future, both will be upgraded to Android 5.1. Both devices are running TouchWiz on a lollipop. Well, S6 has better TouchWiz than S5.

While other features like a heart-rate monitor, S Health, S Voice, Screen casting, NFC, cloud printing, download booster, multi-window built-in themes, easy mode, private mode and fingerprint scanner same in both devices, both devices also supports gestures.



Special Features – Galaxy S6 VS Galaxy S5:

Samsung Galaxy S5 has swipe scanner while Samsung Galaxy S6 has touch scanner which is better than last one. Samsung Galaxy S6 has some additional features like by default Qi wireless charging and turbocharging capability.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a removable battery and micro SD card expansion which are gone in Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung s5 has IP67 water and dust resistant which Samsung galaxy s6 has not.


Performance – Galaxy S6 VS Galaxy S5:

There is one where is no competition between both smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than s5 in speed. It has Exynos 7420 CPU powering things and its CPU is best right now. Samsung Galaxy S5 is one year old and it can’t compete for Samsung Galaxy S6`s specs.


Camera – Galaxy S6 VS Galaxy S5:

Samsung has best cameras, S5 also has the fantastic camera, while S6`s camera has another dimension, this is the best camera with the challenge of the Lumia 1020, but windows phone, pfft.


Battery – Galaxy S6 VS Galaxy S5:

The Galaxy S6 has a 2,550 mAh non-removable battery while Galaxy S5’s removable 2,600 mAh battery. It seems galaxy s5 is the winner here, in fact, it’s true, it is fact that s6 has better software and battery than S5.

But QHD display and smaller cells cost more battery and battery is just enough for one day. Samsung s6 promises 3.3 days for 92 percent battery while Samsung galaxy s5 promises 11.5 days. And here blame goes to display.


Bottom Line:

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 both smartphones have the highest user remarks in the terms of quality. Yes, there is a little price difference but buying any of them will amaze your smartphone experience especially multitasking and capturing high end shots.

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