11 Things you Need to Know About iOS 11

There is a Good news for Apple iPhone 7 lovers that Apple`s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) has announced that the wait for latest iOS 11 is going to terminate soon. Well, the wait is not over yet but still, we are excited about everything that we want in upgraded upcoming iOS 11.


1-An attractive App Store:

Apple`s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) announced exciting new features of iOS 11. And this is great news that WWDC has surprisingly awesome new and updated App store. They will renovate App store and it seems like exploring an exciting new world of Apps and you will fall for it.


2-Easy Approach to Notifications:

In iOS 10, lock screen and notification are not connected to one another at all. But with iOS 11, in spite of having two different sections, it will be accessible on the same screen and you do not need to scroll and swipe your screen to see notifications.


3-Zippy Live Photos:

People are always excited about their photos. And iOS 11 surely will take your photos to a new level. You will be able to livelier your live photos and there will be new amazing filters as well. Improved feature for picture and new storage tools will also be available


4-Welcome to New Incoherent World:

Developers who are renovating features of ios 11, all the possibilities should be kept in mind. It is possible that iOS 11 will be a welcome to new virtual world.


5- Upgraded Siri:

It is exciting that Siri will be upgraded with more remembering power and certifiable vocals. Even it will translate your speaking vocals into your desired language. Even Siri will like that it got a brain.


6-Do Not Disturb:

Life is important and road safety as well. iOS 11 will have this safety mood one click apart. When you will click Do not disturb” mode, you will not be disturbed during driving by notifications.


7-Group Calling Through Face Time:

Face time is an amazing feature of iPhone. This is expected that iOS 11 will take face time to next level. Like people not only can talk to one person even they can invite all their iPhone lover friends to a conference call. It will introduce a new video calling experience to people.


8-Better Organization:

Nothing is confirmed yet but still, there are so many rumors out iOS 11. And the rumor is that App will permit you to consociate your iPod and iCloud files faster and easier. This system is expected to be a better system than the present system.


9-Welcome Dock to iPad:

iPhone is going to introduce dock to iPad. iOS 11 is going to introduce Dock to iPad. If you are using iPad Pro 10.5 or an iPad pro 12.5 will be updated and you will be able to Dock at the bottom. You can drag and drop your favorite apps at the bottom.


10-More Control Centre:

On iOS 11 you can frame your control Centre according to your will. You can set up your important app to Centre. Control Centre is all yours.


11-Releasing Date:

Well, an upgraded iOS seems like a dream. But you will be extremely excited when you`ll upgrade your refurbished Apple iPhone. It is expected that iOS will release in mid of September.


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