20 Tips to Navigate with iOS 11 on your iPhone 5s With Ease

In order to keep iPhone interesting, Apple tends to come up with an iOS update every now and then. The update usually resolves bugs that were present in the previous version, enhance old features and add new ones.

Like all other iOS updates, the users were pretty excited about the iOS 11 update. The new iOS did come with some really cool and classy features. iOS 11 is not available for all old i Phones, but it is compatible with refurbished Apple iPhone 5s.

For all who have updated their phone to the latest iOS 11, should check out this article. As these tips and tricks will help them navigate with iOS 11 with easy. Let’s get started!


Typing to Siri:

The iOS 11 brings a change to how you connect to Siri, instead of using the voice command, you can now type things to Siri. To do this, you first need to enable the option by going to Setting>General>Accessibility and finally Siri. Here, you have to toggle on the Type to Siri option. Now you can type things to Siri and it will automatically show you the desired results.


Customizing your Control Center:

iOS 11 brings a completely new Control Center. To further enhance the control center experience iOS 11 lets you customize it. To do so, head to Setting, from there to Control Center>Customize controls. To add more controls, you need to first tap on the PLUS present in the more controls. You will see a list of items, select the one that you want to include in the control Center.


Turning Low Power Mode- Easy Way out:

No longer do you have to go to settings and its complicated functionalities to turn on the low power mode, we are going to tell you another easy and effective way. All you have to do is add it to Control Center and simply swipe up to enable it. Or better yet, you can tell Siri to enable the Low power mode for you.


Screen Recording:

Instead of using a third-party application, you can now record your screen using an inbuilt iPhone feature. First, you need to add it to the Control Center by going to Setting> Control Center> Customize Controls and here you will have to add it. Now go back to Home screen, pull out the control center and tap the newly added feature.


Scanning Documents:

Scanning your documents with your Phone has been done in the past but via a third-party application. However, iOS 11 has come up with this amazing feature that lets you scan your documents without the need of additional apps.

The Notes of iOS 11 lets you scan a document, to start scanning tap on the ‘+’ located at the bottom of the screen and select the “Scan Document’ option from the menu. A photo will be taken and added to notes, you can further customize it too.


Turning on “Do not Disturb” Mode while Driving:

To reduce the accidents caused by distracted driving, iOS 11 has further enhanced the Do Not Disturb Mode while driving. The mode gets enabled automatically when the phone sense the acceleration of the vehicle. It mutes all your text messages, notifications and calls.


Auto-Answer Calls:

If your hands are occupied and you can’t pick up your phone to answer, you can always enable the auto-answer call option. This will answer the call after a certain time period. To enable the feature, look for Call Audio Routing under accessibility in Settings.

Here, you would have to enable the Auto-Answer Call option and also specified the time period after which the call should be taken automatically.


Turning on Persistent Banners:

With iOS 11 you can enjoy the persistent banner option. This is good for people who like to keep the notification intact for a longer period of time instead of the temporary banner option in which the notifications disappear automatically. To enable it, go to Setting>Notification, then to Messages. Now look for the Show banners option toggle it on and lastly tap on Persistent.

Taking and Editing Screen Shots:

Once you take a screen shot, it will appear at a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen. Holding on the picture will bring forward a menu that lets you share, and edit the screen shot. You can mark it with different coloring tools.


How to Turn on Offload Features:

The Offload features automatically delete the apps that you rarely use, however, it does keep their data intact. The apps that are deleted will still be shown on your home screen, but their icon will be gray. You can download them again by tapping on the icon. To enable this feature, head to Settings>General>iTunes & App Store and enable the Offload Unused Apps option.


Zooming using one Hand on Maps App:

No longer do you have to use to use two fingers in order to zoom, double tapping on the Maps app will do the tricks. To slide up and down the screen, you can always use your thumb.


Smartly Clearing out Storage:

To make space for new data, you have to clear out old things. Go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage. Here you are given the recommendation to get rid of deleted photo, old messages and a couple of more things. This will help you get rid of things that you do not use but you have forgotten about them.


Activating Emergency SOS:

With the new enhancement to the SOS feature, you now can make an emergency call by pressing the home button for five times in a row. In case you think you accidentally press it, there is a countdown feature that will let you know that you are pressing the home screen button multiple times.


Switch off your iPhone Without Using Power Button:

Your power button isn’t working? You still can turn on your iPhone. Simply to go Settings, from there you need to tap on General and look for the Shutdown option. To shut down the device, you would be asked to slide to power off, do that and you good to go.


Creating PDFs in Safari:

Apple famous browser lets you create PDF file. To do so, open Safari, then you have tap on the share icon and there choose the “Markup as PDF” option. You can even send these PDFs via email.


Enabling one Handed Keyboard:

This is perhaps the most exciting iOS 11 tip, you can switch between keyboards to suit your needs. You now enable one handed keyboard on your phone, press down and hold the emoji or globe icon till a menu appears. You can select the left-handed or the right-handed keyboard.


Tap and Drag Multiple Apps at one Time:

You can now tap and drag multiple apps at one time. Press and hold on an app icon until every icon on the screen starts to jiggle. Now while pressing that icon, tap on other app icons and then drag them to your liking.


Slider View Format for Camera Filter:

With iOS 11 the old grid view format for camera filters is gone. In its place, you have the new Slider View format. You can switch between the modes while still in the regular camera mode.


Scanning Bar Code Reader:

This is an old, but an enhanced feature in iOS 11. The feature is enabled once you update your phone to iOS 11, however, you can toggle it on or off by going to Camera in the Settings.


Hide Photos:

No need for a third-party application, simply select a picture and then tap on the hide photo option from the menu. The photo will be removed from the camera roll, but it will be available in a folder name hidden.

This is great news for iPhone 5s users, they can now enjoy all the above-mentioned tips and tricks on their mobile phone. If you are looking for a place to buy a refurbished iPhone, we will suggest you’re Alpha Smartphones. These people are the best when it comes to selling used or refurbished smartphones. They have the best deals, great variety, and outstanding customer service.


With iOS 11 you can further enhance your Apple iPhone 5s experience. You will be able to scan a barcode, take better pictures, hide photo, and create PDF in Safari, smart clearing out storage, zoom in using one hand and much more.

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