Advantages of iPhone over the Android Smartphone

You might have observed that people are rushing to get either the Android smartphone or the latest version of iPhone. In this regard, both the companies are continuously in a competition to add as many advanced features to attract maximum customers.

The conflict is getting intense each day, and it has become so hard to report who the winner is. The article explains the striking comparison of the two smartphone titans’ performance along with their hardware function.


Stunning Exterior of iPhone:

iPhone came up with the new idea of making the hardware of the phone as unique as the brand is. No mobile phone brand up till now has managed to provide such sleek body along with the combination of metallic colors that has enhanced its look. It is just to attract its customers and to win the race.


Upscale Performance:

The advantage of iPhone over Android phones is its upscale performance that you have noticed too if you are an Apple user. The flow and consistency are found in iOS when you download the apps as compared to the Android devices. The apps appear to be clear and run fast without any interruption. In contrast to this Android takes a long time to start any app. So that is a big plus for iPhone Company.


Manage your Privacy Easily:

While using any phone, the people seem concerned about their stuff that they store as images, messages, videos and more. The phone accomplishes its goal when it can save its user from any threat of leaking the memory. So for maintaining the security, iOS shield it by various facilities like tracking location, having access to the contacts and so forth.

It differs from Android in a manner that if you lose you are I phone somewhere, or it gets snatched, then one can locate it My iPhone option on your phone so that you can prevent someone else to access your account.


Camera Quality is Incredible:

People are anxious about their look, and they should be because of looks make up your personality. For this reason, everyone approaches to get the phone that is best regarding camera quality and iPhone has proved itself to be the favorite of its customers because of top-notch camera resolution.

From the advantages mentioned above of iPhone over Android phones sums up that no doubt, people buy products on their preferences and requirements. However, this is for all those who are confused in between buy Android Phone, or iPhone then go for iPhone if you are more concerned about the camera quality and managing privacy of your possessions.

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