Is the iPhone 5S Still Best Smartphone?

iPhone 5S is considered as the best phone till now, despite of some of its disadvantages. Various top-notch Android phone has been launched so far, but no one can take the place of refurbished Apple iPhone 5S in the market. This luxurious smartphone is amazing and unique in its own way.  It is quite easy to use it. Superior support and the best apps make it much more appealing.

Apple is the sole company which effectively ties all the outstanding features and specifications into a package. iPhone 5S is such a masterpiece of Apple which is confidently recommended to the lovers of smartphones.

The following 5 reasons would wonderfully explain that why iPhone 5S is still in the lead and is liked by the millions of the people.


The Best Resale Value:

An important question that comes to the  minds of  majority of the people while making a purchase of phone is that what they would do with this phone in the next two years. The users of iPhone get the advantage of fabulous resale value while the Android phones do not hold such brilliant value for long. iPhone 5S was released in September, 2012 but still retain its value in terms of resale and can be sales easily on amazon, ebay etc. Fantastic!


The Best Real Support:

The facility of truly comprehensive support for the user of iPhone 5S makes this marvelous phone to be highly recommended one. On contrary to it, Android phone does not provide such comprehensive support and users have to be at the mercy of manufacturer’s phone support or wireless carriers when something goes wrong on their phone.


The Best App:

A huge number of apps are specifically designed for iPhone. Generally, the developers select  an Apple Store prior to Google Play Store in order to release their apps. Hence, the users of iPhone 5S are lucky to relish the best apps as they get launched by the developers. No Wait, No Delay!


The Best Built Quality:

In terms of quality, iPhone 5S is the fabulous phone that can be compared easily with other phone. iPhone 5S is of high quality and a  piece of elegant art. When compared to the most Android phones, iPhone 5S reveals to have impressive performance, adorable rigidity and strength, strong and unique body.

Some people indicate iPhone 5C to be the best alternate of iPhone 5S but it is merely a misconception. The cheaper iPhone 5c resembles just a toy when compared to iPhone 5S. In terms of quality, iPhone 5c is quite poorer than iPhone 5S as it is slower in performance, the camera is of less resolution and does not have fingerprint, security system and Touch ID which are found in Phone 5S.


iPhone 5S Case and Accessory:

The Phone becomes more glamorous with the optimum variety of covers and accessories. The popularity is mainly dependent on this factor too. Apple iPhone 5S is lucky in this regard as it has a myriad of cases that make the appeal of iPhone 5S even more desirous and stunning.



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