Certified Refurbished iPhone 7 by Alpha Smartphones

Enjoy the Latest Refurbished Apple iPhone

Alpha Smartphones the company which is famous for its revamped, renovated products is going to launch soon a new refurbished iPhone 7 for their customers. A newly furbished iPhone 7 has the immense features that will worth the price. The whole kit and caboodle are made-up to a higher specification.

Yes, this is iPhone 7 with every single part as powerful as it is; it gives users the finest performance that can ever experience in iPhone series. Wireless compatible headphone to immersive audio speakers, water resistance to most colorful, brightest display, strongest battery power to more internal storage of 256 GB; what else is better than iPhone 7.


Specs of iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6:

If we go through some of the specifications, then definitely the newly improved version of iPhone series iPhone 7 is the best of all.  It is reformed on every level that will ever experience by the iPhone users.


In a comparison of only main features, the iPhone 7 has leading the edge in battery which is the life of 14 hours, 128 more storage than iPhone 6, a total of 256 GB. The other features include the improved camera system which was 8MP in iPhone 6, now upgraded to 12MP rear-facing and 7MP front-facing lens in iPhone 7, also with the feature of optical image stabilization.


The aspect which makes it more different from iPhone 6 is A10 Fusion chip, which is the most powerful chip, built on any smartphone ever. It will help in 40% faster processing and increased efficiency.


The iPhone 7 with completely redesigned and add-on features. It takes the iPhone lovers to a new world of technology. In Latest version, no headphone jack needed, it provides ease to users with wireless earbuds.


Design that takes the splash, yes here comes the features of water and dust resistance that make it more unique, perfect and matchless.


Why iPhone 7???

Till now iPhone 7 is the perfect and peerless edition to the iPhone series. Multi features, redesigned iPhone 7 128gb that put the users in the luxury and comfort zone. More compatible plus add on specifications. Definitely, for the looks, it is available in five colors, from black matte to shiny jet black look that pleased the need of every user.

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