Which Operating System is the Best? Android Vs iOS:

Smartphones, tablets, iPod, iPad they are all essential gadgets we need in our day to day life. From business personalities to the kids, from teachers to the housewives; the only crucial tool they require is one of these gadgets.

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, tablet, or an iOS, customers think a lot to buy a device with an easy and user-friendly interface with no bugs or errors. Though Android has an expanded market but iPhone iOS is on top in the terms of quality and reliability.

If we have a look at the market share of Android and iOS, the iOS has more market share when it comes to operating systems in tablets that are the iPads whereas for the Android smartphones the Android is leading in the market share.


Who Developed Android and iOS?

The Android is developed by the Google in the year 2007 whereas the iOS is developed by Apple Inc. in the year 2008. Being a Google-based operating system, it is quite easy for the Android users to access the Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive etc.

It is not fair to say that it is difficult to use the Google-based apps on the iOS as Google can be used in the devices that are either Android based or not.

In this article, we will go through the precise information that will help you choosing the best operating system.


Devices and Brands:

As we all know that Apple Inc. is the only company that manufactures the iOS based phones and tabs. iPhones, iPads, and iPods are the perfect when it comes to hardware and software compatibility.  Google has allowed all the smartphone companies to use its operating system on their phones.

Companies like, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, Lenovo, LG and many others have Android as their operating system. Apple’s design is unique and their devices are more reliable. If you want to buy an Android device, choose the model and brand that meets your requirement.


Price Difference between Android and Apple iOS:

Good quality Android devices are the same price as the latest iPhone. Android is available in the cheap smartphones as well so if you need an Android based phone and within your price range, you can choose between the wide range of smartphones manufacturers by different companies.



Android allows its users to customize their phones totally as they want it whereas; the iOS have some boundaries that will not allow you to customize your home screen.


App Stores:

Google play has more apps than Apple store. It is also seen that Google has more free apps and games as compared to the Apple store.


Battery Life:

There is no doubt with the fact that Apple iPhone battery life is much longer than Android phones, either its Samsung or any other phone. Most of the Android-based phones now come with the options of fast charging whereas Apple has not introduced such technology yet.

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