Water Damaged iPhone – What to Do Now?

Water damaging is the most common issue mobile phones have these days. Most often, people have two types of complains; either they have a water damaged mobile or a broken screen smartphone but they do not know from where they should exactly get repaired their android or an iPhone device.


From Where to Get Repaired a Damaged iPhone?

If your iPhone has a lot of problems for example; your Apple iPhone Mobile is completely broken, battery issues, screen issues. In such situation, everyone goes after the certain solution. There is a better option about your phone. You should consult with Apple certified iPhone repair center or you can recycle it to some mobile recycling company.


If you have a new iPhone in warranty, you must consult with the official center to repair your phone but if you have a set without warranty, I would suggest you visit a trusted mobile repair shop who offer warranty on repairing. There are mobile repairing shops which offer 1 year repairing warranty as well.  Better to look for such kind of mobile repairing locations.


Do you have a Mobile Repairing Claim?

Mobile repairing claim comes with certain restrictions. It doesn’t mean that you have broken your screen smartphone screen badly and now you are asking the company to repair it free of cost. Every smartphone offers repairing claim under some conditions.


Most of the time, warranty claim applies on the internal defects of a smartphone. For instance, your smartphones’ software is not responsive. It has a hardware problem. The battery performance is poor or it has a Wi-Fi issue. Smartphone companies regulate these types of repairing claims rather a mobile damaged by an individual.


I would suggest to contact your mobile phone company to get to know what it offers you under how much expenses. You have another option too. Visit a certified smartphone repairing shop near you. Remember! Your repairing claim depends on the conditions provided by the company.


So, we will give you all details in this article and guide you what are the replacement conditions according to your legal rights. There are a lot of options that you must know.


Insurance and Replacement Program:

It is very common that a customer expects free of cost repairing when he has a smartphone under warranty but it is not true. Though it is true that the customers of Apple and other smartphone brands have high expectation from the product but every product comes under certain repairing conditions.


Definitely, there are some rules and regulations of every company that you must follow. Your phone replacement depends on support coverage and warranty. If your phone breaks due to accidental damage then in UK, Apple offers you only two chances to replace your phone. It’s totally cost is £79 – and probably you will be charged a £55 fee too.

Your legal rights:

What is Covered in the Apple Warranty?


Sometimes it happens that you drop your phone in water and after switching it on you come to know that it is out of order now. The question is here, will Apple replace your water damage set or not?


Recently, iPhone did not offer any replacement iPhone which are water damaged. In this condition, you have two options; first, you will buy a new iPhone which is very costly and second option is you will repair your phone through Apple or another third party which offer trusted repairing with warranty.


But now Apple has changed its policy on water damaged iPhone. Apple will change your phone with a same iPhone. That will be a refurbished iPhone. Apple will not give you a new iPhone. The fee of water damaged iPhone is $199.


You Have Three Options to Repair your Water Damaged iPhone:

I would recommend you to not repair the phone yourself as it may create more complexities or further hardware problems to the device which ultimately leads you towards an expensive repairing. There are three options.


First option is that you can get the benefit of Apple’s iPhone replacement policy. The second option is that repair your iPod from Apple. The price of repair varies from $49 to $249 for the iPod. The last option is that sell your iPhone for cash through a trusted company.


Getting repaired your smartphone from a trusted mobile repairing company is a better option because only a certified mobile repairing company can offer you one-year repairing warranty within a minimum repairing cost.

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