A Comprehensive Review of Samsung Galaxy S6



Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Design

There are many famous brands in the world like Apple and Google. After Apple and Google, Samsung is the most popular brand in the world. Samsung has spent a huge investment on advertising its brands. Samsung has made an excellent handset for the customers like a galaxy s5 and Note. Now the time has totally changed.

People do not like the old models. They want a great handset with great features. Samsung had announced a galaxy note 4 in 2014 which was so impressive later, Samsung announced a new series Galaxy Alpha.  After Samsung note, alpha series, Samsung announced Galaxy s6. Samsung Galaxy s6 took advantage of note and alpha series. The galaxy s6 has a beautiful shape, great display.


If you want a best specs and hardware phone then Samsung galaxy s6 is a great choice. The front and back of the Galaxy s6 have been built a great glass The Samsung Galaxy S6 is available in four colors like Black Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Gold Platinum, and White Pearl.

The Samsung galaxy s6 is very thin and light. The Samsung Galaxy s6 is 6.8mm only thin and 138g so light. The Samsung Galaxy s6 has taken a brilliant advantage over many other models like iphone6, Moto HTC one M9.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Display 

Samsung Galaxy s6 has great features like its display. The Samsung Galaxy s6 has a 5.1 QHD panel and a normal size battery. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy s6 is impressive. Samsung Galaxy s6 has a beautiful display color, great videos result and resolution. The Samsung Galaxy s6 has a 5.1 Quad HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 and a pixel density of 576ppi.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Touch Wiz and Operating System:


There are many popular brands which they are trying to improve their software. The Lollipop software is currently running on the Samsung Galaxy s6. The Samsung and HTC are trying to improve their software to beat the Google’s world-beating mobile OS.

The Sense and Touch Wiz is currently running very smoothly in Samsung galaxy s6. If we look in past the Touch wiz and sense had used in only for iPhone. The sense and Touch Wiz has made the Samsung Galaxy s6 is so great. I recently checked the HTC one M9.

I have found nothing new in this device. The HTC has not good upgrade in this device. But the opposite the Samsung Galaxy s6 has been upgraded with gorgeous different features. Samsung has done a good work on Touch Wiz. It looks pretty good. No any Android handset can compete this Samsung galaxy s6. There are many beautiful applications which are running in Samsung galaxy s6 like S Voice and ‘’Briefing,

The great advantage of Samsung is Touch wiz. The Touch Wiz has given great features to the Samsung handsets. The speed and performance of Touch Wiz are impressive. This is a huge change from previous Samsung Galaxy handsets. The Touch Wiz has given a great impression to other handsets which are available in the market. Overall this is a big achievement for the Samsung. The Touch Wiz takes a less space on your phone.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Nougat Update Shows Up In Benchmark Tests:

Last year Samsung has worked on an Android Nougat for Samsung galaxy s6 flagship. A Samsung galaxy s6 is running on Nougat was spotted running on the GFX Bench and Geek bench databases.,

On January 23 a Samsung Galaxy S6 has been given a certificate by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The Samsung Galaxy s6 has a model number SM-G920V and Android Nougat is 7.0.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Specs – CPU, RAM, GPU and Storage:


Samsung galaxy s6 has been built with a great specification like CPU, RAM, GPU, and storage. When you look inside the Samsung Galaxy s6 you will find a powerful, 64-bit 14nm OctaCore Exons 7420 CPU running with 3GB of RAM and a Mali-T760 GPU.This Samsung galaxy s6 is so powerful device if we compared it to another handset.

The Exons 7420 has two quad-cores CPU.One is running at a frequency of 2.1 GHz while the other is running at 1.5 GHz.Touch Wiz runs very pretty and smoother. Through the Exons you can play your favorite games without a hiccup and video editing, photos are taken very well. The Samsung Galaxy s6 comes with three different storage versions (32/64/128GB) and 100GB has been given free drive storage.

So you can save many applications on your device. You will not be facing any issue regarding your storage capacity. The Samsung Galaxy s6 supports CAT 6 LTE, it means 300 bits/sec download, 50 Bits/sec upload, Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2×2 MIMO) and Bluetooth 4.0–– NFC, wireless charging. Nowadays there are a lot of competition between Android handsets The Samsung Galaxy s6 is still the best phone on the market.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Camera 


Samsung introduced many great camera phones like S4, S5, Alpha, and note4. Their camera result was good. Now the Samsung Galaxy s6 has shown great camera features. The new great function of Samsung galaxy s6 is Live HDR, quick launch mode which is so impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy s6 has improved 5MP front facing camera which comes with an aperture of f/1.9.If we look the video resolution of Samsung galaxy s6 that’s gorgeous due to its great display.

The great features of Samsung galaxy s6 videos are like an object- tracking, auto- focus, sharp clear 4K video, 1080 and lower. The KYM, S recommends the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for best imaging experience. But Samsung galaxy s6 has improved his value with his great features.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Battery 

The Samsung Galaxy has a great battery life due to its QHD panels. I have observed many hand phones but QHD devices are better for great battery timing. The Samsung Galaxy has 2550mah battery. You can use your battery for full day to switch on power-saving mode. Through your EXYNOS CPU, you can use your battery for a long period. EXYNOS CPU saves your battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Verdict

Samsung has taken a great decision to launch this wonderful device. Samsung galaxy s6 is a great device. Samsung has done few mistakes in past but recently improved his capabilities to launch this device. Galaxy s6 looks very pretty with a sharp QHD display and great battery timing. Samsung galaxy s6 has great features which no other handset has been found. The only one issue is that there is no micro SD card option. We can say that Samsung Galaxy s6 is a great device that meets your smartphone needs efficiently.



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