Does it Worth to Buy Refurbished Smartphone?

An Ultimate Guide How Top Smartphone Brands Started Selling Certified Refurbished Mobile Phones?


When it comes to buy refurbished Samsung smartphone or a new one, customers hesitate before taking any decision. There can be various reasons some of them may think the new one would cost much while some may think to buy a new one to avoid any risk.

The purpose of writing this article is to guide you that you can even trust the Samsung refurbished smartphones because the company itself has been selling certified pre-owned refurbished smartphones with huge discounts. The company offered following refurbished smartphones:


  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Note4
  • Galaxy S6 edge


Do Samsung and Apple Prepare the Refurbished Mobile Phone?


The answer is yes, they do. All these sets were being sold officially with accessories and 1-year warranty.  So, the rumors should be ended of the performance, durability, and the security risks of refurbished Samsung mobile phones.


One more thing all the refurbished smartphone are crafted by the Samsung engineers so there is no third-party involved in this process. Yes! There are certified sellers are available in the market who are selling certified factory unlocked refurbished smartphones in the UK. They are also offering one year warranty and complete accessories head phone, charger etc. Such as “Alpha Smartphones”.

It is not the end yet, according to a report Samsung has planned to sell high-end refurbished mobile phones in Korea. The official says it is a way to revive company’s income through offering high-end refurbished mobile phones.

The targeted customers will be people with an average income. “It is also a way to increase your brand visibility and popularity”. Says a Samsung engineer. Reconstructing the products to sustain income is not a bad idea too.


Apple Also Offers Certified Refurbished Smartphones:


Now, there is also an example of a smartphone titan in the world who is offering high-quality factory unlocked refurbished smartphone through the third party. Yes! Apple is here that is selling refurbished mac devices and smartphones in several countries.

The CEO Apple says, “Selling refurbished iPhone will help us to reach the customers who cannot afford it at the original price, it is also another way to increase the strength of your potential customers.

To let the world, know what we have developed for the next generation. Because we have such competitive rivalries in the market offering refurbished smartphones, it was a time to tackle their strategy by offering our top refurbished brand to the customers who were intensively waiting for our high-end brands”.


Why Should you Buy a Refurbished Smartphone?


As we have already discussed that certified refurbished set are not less than any new smartphone in the terms of performance and durability. Even they carry the same genuine accessories and 1-year warranty too. Whereas some shops selling refurbished smartphones in the UK also offering a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


I am a great lover of mobile tech also, always wait for the newly refurbished smartphone brands as they are not a burden on my pocket. I can carry a stylish and famous brand within a little amount. This is the very simple and first reason to buy a refurbished mobile phone. When everything is coming at a visible discounted price, why I need to buy a new one with the same function a technique.


New Devices are Always Expensive:


New brands, latest models come out every day, you cannot afford to buy the latest technology every time. While you can have it after a short time. For instance, when Galaxy s5 was launched it was in great demand and was expensive too but now a refurbished Galaxy S5 is in more demand the only reason is, it is available at great price. Anyone can enjoy the technology of renowned brand model now.


Personally, I have a very good experience in buying refurbished smartphones of both top smartphone brands: Apple and Samsung. Here are the reasons to refurbish mobile phone:


  • Just like a new product with a little cost fraction
  • Most refurbished sets are cancelled orders, returns, overstock
  • the warranty still applies
  • Mostly 3rd parties offer returns


People used to ask another question that how a refurbished smartphone can has an original hardware? The answer is very simple and I have already mentioned it. Samsung certified refurbished smartphones are available those are constructed by the expert engineers of the company with the genuine accessories and hardware.

Same, Apple builds its factory unlocked refurbished iPhone smartphones but doesn’t offer it at its stores while you can buy through a third party (Have mentioned the link above).

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