How to Reduce Data Usage on Refurbished iPhone 6 Having iOS 10?

iPhone 6 is an excellent phone, it comes with a 4.7-inch screen, 1GB RAM, 1.4GHz processor and 8 Mega Pixel camera. Anyone who has used Apple iPhone 6, will never be able to love any other phone.

The phone is more than just a mobile device, it is an alarm clock, a reminder, a pocket TV, your health assistant and much more. Since it is a high-end phone, it is pretty expensive, but you can always opt for the refurbished iPhone 6.

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By default, your refurbished iPhone 6 tends to use a lot of cellular data, you need to keep a check to ensure that all your mobile data does not go away. In this article, we will tell you how to reduce data usage on refurbished iPhone 6 having iOS 10.


Disable Automatic Playing of Videos:

Now a day social media is full of short videos, these videos are the main culprits for all those missing MBs. They tend to get played automatically and all your Mbs are gone, but not anymore. You can disable this option for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook: Settings>Account Setting>Videos and Photos and opt for Wi-Fi connectivity only option.

Instagram: Open app, go to the Profile view, tap on Gear icon, from there choose mobile data use> enable less data option.

Twitter: Go to the profile view, look for Gear located at the top>Settings>Data>Video Auto play and then enable “Never Play videos automatically” option.


Disable Wi-Fi Assist:

When you Wi-Fi gives, you trouble, your phone automatically turns on your mobile network in order to fill the gap. This might seem cool but it can consume a large amount of your mobile data. So, we highly recommend that you turn off this option by going to Setting> Cellular> disable Wi-Fi assist.


Disable Automatic Update:

Your refurbished iPhone 6 tends to automatically update apps that require an update. It does not matter if you are using Wi-Fi or cellular network, therefore it is important that you disable this option. Look for the Use Cellular Data option present under the iTunes and App Store in the Settings app. Once you find it, disable it.


Disable Background App Refresh:

Your phone updates several apps in the background automatically. This often leads to high mobile data consumption. The best way to go about this problem is to select only a selected apps that should be refreshed or disable this option altogether. For both options, you need to go to setting, from there to General and disable the Background app refresh option.


No Backup on Cellular Network:

Do not let iCloud make the backup of your data using the Cellular network. To ensure this, you need to go to Setting, from there head to the iCloud drive option and then see if the “Use Cellular Data” option is enabled. If it is, you need to disable it.

We hope these tricks will save you some Mbs, and if you want to get your hands on a cheap refurbished iPhone 6 UK, please check out Alpha Smartphones.

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