4 Things that you Need to Know Before you Buy Refurbished iPhone 5C

iPhone is considered to be the best smartphones UK that you will ever come across. Their sleek design, elegant style, fast processor and the outstanding camera makes them the first choice of mobile users.

Any product launched by Apple is expensive, may it be a laptop, an iPad, an iPod or an iPhone. However, this time the company decided to come up with something for users who have a smaller budget. They came up with a new iPhone line that is slightly less expensive, called the iPhone 5C and iPhone SE.

But just imagine that if you buy these phones refurbished, they will cost you way less than their original price. Buying a refurbished iPhone 5C is not a bad decision, however, there are certain elements that you need to keep in mind. Below we have created a list of 4 things that you should know before you buy refurbished iPhone 5C.

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Right Refurbished iPhone 5C for you Carrier:


As we know that iPhone usually work with all carriers. But it is important to know the iPhone you are getting is it meant for a particular carrier. Reason being, an AT&T’s network uses extra LTE signals, an iPhone that is for instance designed for Verizon might not have the capacity to make use of AT&T’s extra LTE signal feature.

So, before you make a purchase ask the seller about Apple iPhone 5C model number. That way you can determine if it works with the AT&T’s network. For more information, you should check out Apple’s website on LTE networks and model numbers.

Ensure that iPhone 5C is refurbished and not Stolen:


When buying a refurbished phone, you need to be careful about the fact that someone might sell you a stolen phone, claiming it to be a refurbished one. Apple’s activation Lock tool does not allow users to use a stolen iPhone. You might find this once you have bought the phone. So, you should check out. There is a way of doing so,

  • Go to www.getsupport.apple.com
  • From there you need to select iPhone>Battery Power and Charging>Unable to Power on>Send in for repair.
  • Now you would be asked to enter the MEID/IME number, that number is usually on the box or your seller can give it to you. Enter that number, if the phone is stolen you would know.

Check for Battery:


Apple’s battery cannot be replaced, so it is important that you check the battery before making the purchase. Ask your seller as much as you can about the battery. A slightly used iPhone usually has a decent battery, but anything that is a year or so old. You need to make sure. If possible, you can ask the seller to change the battery.


Check for Hardware Damage:


Having slightly scratches here is there is not a problem when you buy refurbished iPhone 5C, however bigger damages such as scratches on the camera lens, or screen damaged is not okay. If possible ask the seller to let you inspect the phone.

If not then make sure that you buy it only from authentic people. We can assure you that there is no one more reliable and authentic than Alpha Smartphones in the entire United Kingdoms. Alpha Smartphones is excellent when it comes to selling refurbished Sony mobile UK, Samsung, HTC and Apple iPhone.

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