Key Tips How to Become a Master of Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 is an outstanding smartphone, besides the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and its infinity screen, this phone is still in demand. We believe because of its outstanding features and specs that still have the ability to match many upcoming Samsung phones.

The phone offers so much that it is not possible to cover everything in a single article, we have previously article 7 tips of Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 that will make you fall in love with it. This article is an extended version of the previous article. So, let’s get started!

Android L Keyboard:


The default keyboard of Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t very pleasing to the key, so it’s time that we try out the new Android Lollipop’s keyboard. In order get this amazing keyboard on your phone, open Google Play Store, put in a query for the Android L Keyboard in the search bar.

You will see a number of apps, choose any one and install it. Now to make this your default keyboard, go to Settings, from there you need to tap on Language and input and lastly, just make Android L Keyboard as your default keyboard.

Stay Fit:


You no longer need to buy a fitness band or a smart watch in order to monitor your heart rate, Samsung Galaxy S3 can do that for you. Just download the Runtastic app and follow the instruction in order to monitor your heart rate.


Use Palm Swipe to take a Screenshot:


You can take a screenshot by holding the power and home button simultaneously, but there is another cool way of taking a screenshot. Swipe your palm to capture your screen. To activate this feature, Go to Setting, from there to Motion>Hand Motion>Select palm swipe to capture.  You are good to go.


Video Overlay:


You can now do multiple tasking on your Samsung Galaxy S3. You can watch videos, browse the internet and also do a couple of other things.  All you have to do is tap on the button in the bottom right corner of the video player. Doing this will allow your videos to float and thus, you will be able to open other apps as well while you are watching that video.


Taking Wide Shots:


Sometimes it is not possible to fit the entire scene in your camera, however, with Panorama option you can do it now. You can fit every angle of the view into one picture. To enable this option, open camera>settings> and Panorama.  To capture press the shutter key and move your Samsung galaxy S3 to the right slowly.


Customized Launchers:


If you are not a fan of the default UI of your Samsung Galaxy S3, you can always download Nova launcher. This will give you the feeling of Android Kit Kat on your Samsung galaxy S3. There will also be a number of other customization settings that you can do on your phone.

The company might not be manufacturing Samsung Galaxy S3 anymore, but it does not mean that you can’t get your hands on one. You can Buy Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S3 from Alpha Smartphones at a very reasonable price.

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