6 Significant Tips and Tricks of Apple iPhone 6 Music App

Apple music is the inbuilt Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 app that helps you stream music live. With every update, the app gets’ upgraded and it becomes better. With the upgrade of iOS 10, Apple Music app has been further enhanced and made easy.

There have been significant changes in the app, these changes have made the app more responsive, user-friendly and simple. However, there are certain features that are hidden behind the settings and menu items. In this article, we will tell you about all the hidden tricks and tips on your Apple iPhone 6 music app.

Fine Audio on Apple iPhone 6 Data:


By default, the app reduces the quality of the audio when you are streaming it using your mobile data. In case you want to get high-quality audio on your mobile data, you need to do turn on the High-Quality streaming option. Go to settings>Music>Mobile Data.

Use Siri to Play Music:


Siri is among my favorite features in Refurbished Apple iPhone 6. You will be amazed to know that Apple Music is perhaps the only inbuilt app that has deep integration with the virtual assistant. You will love how Siri can help you play the music. Just activate your Siri, and tell it to play some beats.


Beats One Show on Demand:


If you are searching for all the latest music, we recommend that you check out the Beats 1 show.  They come live on twice or thrice a day, in case you missed them out. You don’t have to worry if you are an apply music subscriber, you can go back and listen to the episode whenever you feel like. Go to Radio tab, from there you need to choose the “Shows” option and tap on whatever show you like.


Download Songs:


You can download any song that you stream, to download, first tap on the + button. Doing this will change the + button into the download button, now simply tap on the download button and you are good to go.


Automatically Songs to your Library:


This is an amazing feature, you have added a song to your library, and the Apple iPhone 6 Music app will download it automatically. To activate this feature, go to setting, from there to music and enable the automatic downloads option.


Manage Storage:


When you can download songs, you never know when to stop. This results in you consuming all your memory, but now you can control that by enabling the optimize download option. You can allocate a certain amount of storage, and when your Apple iPhone 6 exceeds that it will start deleting the old songs that you have stopped listening too.

How cool is this, you don’t have to even worry about deleting that songs that you have stopped listening to. The amazing Apple Music App will do it for you.

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