How to Expand the Storage of your Smartphone? – Buy Refurbished Smartphones UK.

In order to copy Apple, there are a number of smartphones that do not offer the facility of external storage. Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones UK, limit you to their inbuilt memory, in case you are looking for more memory, you just ran out of luck.


You can have the external memory like other Refurbished Smartphones that offer this feature. However, this does not mean that you cannot expand your storage at all. There are a number of ways that will allow you to expand your storage.  Below we have listed them in detail for you.

Mounting your Refurbished Smartphone Storage using USB Type-C OTG:


Since your smartphone does not allow the facility of inserting a micro SD card, so using USB for external storage seems to be a pretty good option. USB Type-C OTG storage is not new to people who are in search of expanding their smartphone storage, this particular method has been around for a couple of years now.


Initially the USB Type-C OTG were limited to only 16 GB or 32 GB memory, however, with the advancing technology, you can even find 64 GB or 128 GB USB OGT.  So, now you can expand your phone’s storage as much as you like. If you have a normal USB, you just need to have a standalone connector, as this connector will allow you to connect your USB to your smartphone.

Micro SD Adapter:


You have your SD card from the old phone, but since you bought a smartphone that does not allow you to use it, what are you to do with the SD card? Give it away can be one option. But at the same time, your phone’s memory is full and you want more storage then? You can always use your old Micro SD card and connect it to your new phone via a Micro SD Adapter.


Insert your micro SD card into this adapter and then connect it to your phone. You are good to go, however, there is one problem. An accessory would be connected to your phone all the time in order to quickly access the data stored on your storage device.

Cloud Storage:


Over the years, cloud computing has become an important field of research. Cloud storage is a part of cloud computing. More and more companies are spending a massive amount of money on cloud storage. This is another way that will help you expand the memory of your smartphone that does not offer external storage option.


There are a number of cloud storage available including Amazon Driver, Dropbox, Google Drive and much more. They offer a limited free storage space, in case, you are looking for more. You can always opt for the premium account. These storage are not even expensive, some are less than a dollar per month.

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