7 Things definitely you don’t know your Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Do!

The latest flagship smartphone from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S8, is now officially available in stores so you can go check out the models and maybe even Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 if you think it’s a keeper. This is an important time for the South Korean corporate giant as Samsung has been a hotspot for controversy lately.


Samsung Note 7 was a huge failure due to its battery exploding and had to be recalled twice before being discontinued permanently. Earlier this year, the Acting Head of Samsung was arrested for corruption linked to the impeachment of South Korean President late last year. Apple has delayed the launch of iPhone8 again so it will be months before Apple gives Samsung any competition.


Meanwhile, people are going crazy over the new Samsung Galaxy S8 so it’s best to find Cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 UK quickly if you were anticipating its UK release. There are some offers from Samsung limited to South Korea and China but you still get all the basic benefits in the UK.


Several salient features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 were announced prior to its release but it will take many weeks of testing to figure out just how good this smartphone really is. The decision to purchase it has been made more difficult due to the steep prices that make it more expensive than an iPhone. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype when you buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and put it through strict tests.

1. User Proof of identity in 3 Ways:


You can keep your Samsung Galaxy S8 protected in more ways than one. The fingerprint sensor is once again incorporated but this time it is located at the back so people are complaining that it’s hard to reach. Besides that, it also has iris scan and facial recognition software for unlocking your phone.


2. Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus:


Bigger is better right? Those who desire larger screens will be very pleased with Samsung Galaxy S8 plus which boasts a 6.2-inch screen. It improves user experience while watching videos and playing games considerably though it’s pricier than the alternative. Samsung Galaxy S8 is not too shabby either with its 5.8-inch screen.


3. Curved Infinity Display:


Samsung is all about visuals this year as is apparent from the delightful curved Infinity Display featured in both Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 plus. It really feels like it’s wrapped around the phone’s edges. They possess 2K screens affording incredible clarity with their 2960×1440 resolution. The full glass front bodies hike up the price but look beautiful.


4. New & Old Buttons:


There’s a big change in appearance this time as the physical Home button is nowhere to be seen. Instead, you may access its software version through the highly responsive touch screen. A button has been added on the side for Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, Bixby.


5. Bixby’s here to Help:


Every smartphone brand feels the need to add a voice-activated virtual assistant that can help you just like a regular personal assistant. It’s more about improving smartphone usage instead of processing general information. Bixby is particularly good at being a shopping budding via object recognition with the camera.


6. Camera Upgrades from S7:


The selfie craze is not about to die down any time soon so you can polish your selfie game with its 8MP front camera besides the 12MP main camera. You are in for a treat if you find cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 UK but it’s still worth the price tag. It takes three images each time you click a photo. It optimizes your image for better focus and sharpness before giving you a preview.


7. Works with Dex Station:


Developers are hard at work turning smartphones into desktop PCs and Samsung seems to have come close to perfecting this technology with Dex Station which was unveiled with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ earlier. This dock can charge your phone and has Bluetooth options too. You just need to attach it to a monitor and enjoy the mobile experience on the big screen.


Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus are compatible with Android Nougat that offers multi-screen feature among other advantages. The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is bigger so it’s heavier but both charge quickly and the processor runs smoothly. Overall, it’s a splendid smartphone so buy Samsung Galaxy S8 if it fits your budget or you can Compare Mobile Prices UK.

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