Samsung Galaxy S8 Arises at a Critical Time for Smartphones?

The world of smartphones is abuzz with talk of the latest Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy Mobiles dominate the Android market so it comes as no surprise that everyone wanted to get their hands on Samsung’s Galaxy S8. It’s time to look up places you can buy Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the UK, the States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc. One thing is for certain, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is going to be sold out faster than any release among the Samsung Galaxy mobiles. So, don’t wait too long or you might have to return empty-handed.


What’s all the hype about? Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is a crucial release for the South Korean brand. Lately, they have been running low on luck with number of back to back failures and scandals. However, if Samsung’s Galaxy S8 proves to be a resounding success, this could mean the company has made a spectacular comeback and increase their stock value. Besides, the hot competition between Samsung and Apple makes the introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 all the more significant right now.

Woes of Samsung:


You might be wondering what could be troubling the seemingly untouchable Samsung. Well, only last year they have faced many issues in mobile development and management. This seriously damaged their reputation and their stock prices have dropped. Recent reports from its spokesperson claim that the situation has been controlled and necessary measures have been taken, which have shown an improvement in their stock prices. Their brand image suffered and so did the trust build with consumers over decades of hard work. Hopefully, the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will usher a new era of prosperity for the company and elevate sales of other Samsung Galaxy mobiles too.


Corruption Scandal:


Samsung is a family business run by a South Korean family. It was being managed by the Acting Head, Lee Jaeyong, in February this year when he was charged and arrested. You might remember South Korea’s President, Park Geunhye, was impeached just a few months ago for corruption. Lee Jaeyong’ arrest was directly linked with that of the President as official documents showed that Samsung had bribed the government to support a merger in 2015. Samsung has denied all such allegations and legal proceedings are currently underway.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7:


You have probably seen several viral videos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding striking fear into the hearts of users who prefer Samsung Galaxy mobiles. There were no complaints of exploding batteries among other Samsung Galaxy mobiles but it did raise serious concerns about the safety of Samsung Galaxy mobiles. This caused Samsung to recall this smartphone model twice. Unfortunately, the issues remained unresolved cancelling its production and sale. According to Samsung’s developers, the first problem was a short circuit due to the negative and positive tabs breaking down in a section of the battery. Once again, the battery became a hazard due to a welding fault by the manufacturer so it was recalled. Developers are confident that there will be no such danger from Samsung’s Galaxy S8 so the quality of Samsung Galaxy mobiles can be expected to improve.


Apple iPhone 8’s Fall Release:


Samsung and Apple are always competing for the top spot in smartphone sales even though their operating systems and target audience differ. Developers have noticed their target audiences starting to blend which is probably why both are trying harder to impress users. Apple’s iPhone 7 was compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 by many and the latter actually came out on top in most categories. Apple has delayed the release of its iPhone 8 to Fall this year. So, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 can shine without any interference from Apple which is a great advantage for the sale of Samsung Galaxy mobiles.


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Features:


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ have a difference of 0.6 inches in their screen size while the latter is 18g heavier at 173g. The Infinity Display that boats of its impressive screen-to-body is bound to attract smartphone users who love to play games and watch movies or TV shows on their Samsung Galaxy mobiles. Developers have boosted security by including facial recognition as a means to unlock Samsung’s Galaxy S8. You will be able to interact with the virtual assistant, Bixby, in Samsung’s Galaxy S8 through speech. Picture quality is excellent with 12MP front and 8MP rear camera besides plenty of storage space. It can be upgraded to Android Nougat, the latest Android OS for an unbelievable user experience. You can visit Alpha Smartphones to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 in best price.

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