5 Notable Reasons to Love Android Nougat – Samsung Galaxy Mobile.

Android users rejoice! The long-awaited Android Nougat has been released much to the delight of avid gamer and Android fans who desired more sophisticated features. There has been a lot of talk about Apple iPhone Mobile getting ahead of Google in the OS game but it seems like Google wants to put an end to this discussion once and for all. Take a look at some of the awesome stuff Android Nougat has to offer and decide yourself.


1.      Split Screen:


There is so much going on together that you cannot help but feel like you’re lagging behind if you focus on one thing at a time. Google has developed the split screen feature you can access once you update your software. You can open up two apps simultaneously mixing up work and play if you desire or carry on a professional conversation while you create a presentation.


2.      Prompt Reply:


Previously, the standard software only let you view notifications once they came in. Android Nougat has taken messaging to the next level by allowing you to reply to the incoming message then and there. This feature is not limited to Google Hangouts only which pushes this OS above that of Apple’s newest offering.


3.      Fast Settings:


The biggest frustration of Samsung Galaxy Mobile is that you cannot have everything right where you want it when you want it. Android users are totally spoiled now because they can check and change various settings on their home screen. It takes just one swipe to bring them to the forefront and you can adjust positions according to what’s most convenient for you personally.


4.      Grouped Alerts:


Who doesn’t love Samsung Galaxy Mobile apps but it gets very annoying when notifications from several apps keep pouring in every hour. You can tweak the settings but no one wants to miss important updates. Android Nougat brings you relief by arranging notifications according to the apps they belong to. This helps you untangle the mess of notifications much faster and respond to them easily.


5.      Battery Saver:


The thing Samsung Galaxy Mobile users dread seeing the most is low battery so Android Nougat has come up with ideas to help improve the efficiency of your phone. The Doze Mode 2.0 when activated controls the apps running in the background so less energy is spent to keep your Android phone running. Your battery will last much longer now with this update.


There are many powerful security features in the Android Nougat that will protect your Samsung Galaxy Mobile from external threats. Overall, Android Nougat has improved user experience a great deal and given Android users the solutions they craved.

Most of the New Samsung Galaxy Mobile releases have been updated with Android Nougat but your model might not have received it yet. Check out how Samsung Galaxy Mobile, Huawei, Motorola, HTC Mobiles, Sony Xperia Mobile and LG smartphones perform with Android Nougat.

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