How to Install iOS 10.3 on Apple Devices?

Apple is always releasing an updated version of their iOS. This update is usually better than the previous version, as it comes packed with new feature and fewer bugs. People, in general, are looking forward to this update.

However, there are many like, me, who don’t like update their iOS every now and then. One major reason behind this is the lack of memory, an updated version always consumes more memory as compared to its previous version. However, if you have you do not face the memory issue, we highly recommend that you update your iOS with every new release.

There are a number of ways through which you can update your devices. If you want to avoid all the hassle, all you have to do is allow the automatic update option. But in case you are looking for a way to update your iOS 10.3 manually, you should follow the steps that we have listed below.

How to Install iOS 10.3 on Apple Devices?:


An important thing to remember is that iOS 10.3 is compatibility with iPhone 7, iPhone Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5/5s.  It runs on iPad and i Pods.


  • The first step is to ensure that your device is fully charged, as the process will require a couple of hours and your phone’s battery dying in the middle can lead to other complications.
  • Now turn on the WiFi on your device
  • Next go to Setting, from there go to General and look for “Software Updates” option.
  • Once you tap on this option, your device will automatically look for an update, if there is an update it will notify you and ask your permission to download it. Just tap on download and the device will start to download the update.


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