Samsung Security Blunder, Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 using the image of the Owner.

Samsung is known for coming up with something better and different as compared to its competitors. The company has always managed to stay one step ahead when it comes to smartphones in the market. Samsung smartphones along with their outstanding features and design never fail to impress a consumer.

Recently we have been hearing rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8, the phone has left everyone in awe. You can learn about Samsung Galaxy s8 and its infinity screen also. Besides offering an infinity screen, the mobile had taken the unlocking system to a whole new level.

Apple started with finger scanner to unlock your phone, but Samsung has come up with the idea of face recognition for unlocking your phone. How cool is that, all you have to do is bring your phone in front of your face and it will automatically get unlocked.

However, there has been a recent video surfacing the internet world. People are really concerned regarding that. In a video, a person uses the image of the owner of Samsung in order to unlock the phone and the trick has worked.

In case of finger scan, you actually needed the physical thing, but with this, all you need to have is a digital picture of the owner, which I must say isn’t a big deal to get with so many cameras around. Just one click and the other person has your picture without even you knowing.

When the company was asked regarding this particular video, it said “The Galaxy S8 provides various levels of bio metric authentication, with the highest level of authentication from the iris scanner and fingerprint reader.”

It then also added that the phone comes with a number of options to unlock, if the user is not comfortable with the face recognition method, they can opt for one of the many other ways to Unlock Samsung Smartphone. Samsung is known for manufacturing outstanding phones if you want to get a used or refurbished Samsung phone, see Alpha Smartphones.

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