Stuffs that Samsung Galaxy S7 can Execute Superior than iPhone – Review

The battles between the two mobile manufacturers, Samsung and Apple, have been around for decades now. Both always thrive to come up with something better and improved every time they launch their new products.

In trying to beat each other, they never fail to surprise their audience. I personally believe that one is not better than the other, it is just a matter of preference. However, we still have a list of things that Samsung Galaxy S7 can do, but iPhone fails to meet the challenge.  You can also learn about 8 best tips and tricks of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Water Resist:


Of course, we have been hearing this for years now that Samsung is going to launch a phone that is water resistant. Samsung might not be the first company to come up with this idea, but it for sure did beat Apple in this regard. This perhaps is the only thing that matters.

Wireless Charging:


A dream come true, you can now easily charge your phone thanks to the wireless option. All you have to do is place the phone on the charging dock, and then let the wireless charging do its magic.




Okay, we know both companies offer this particular feature, but the only difference is that Samsung Galaxy S7 auto-focus is faster as compared to Apple’s phones.


Better Photos:


Yes, Samsung Galaxy S7 camera has just recently become the best so far. Besides taking outstanding pictures during the daylight, which I must say iPhone also does a pretty good job,  you can now take brighter and better pictures during the night.


More Storage:


Perhaps the best and the most appealing feature of Samsung Galaxy S7 as compared to any and all iPhone Mobile is the memory flexibility. Unlike iPhone in which you are bound to only the internal memory, Samsung S7 offers you the option of external memory.

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