Analysis the Vital Spectacles of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a smartphone released by Samsung Electronics on April 10, 2015. This model offers all of the same updates found in the Samsung Galaxy S6, with additional features unlike other smartphones on the market. The viewing screen is curved around the edge of the smartphone’s sides, giving the consumer a larger viewing screen than the Galaxy S6.

The screen also automatically adjusts to changes in lighting, making it easier for the user to view in different locations. The Octa-core processor found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, is the fastest processor available on smartphones at the time of its release.


Pros of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers several features consumers are bragging about, including:


  • Best rear-facing and front-facing camera available on a phone
  • High performing smartphone
  • Excellent viewing screen from all angles
  • The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has an innovative design


Cons of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:


There are some features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge consumers are not as happy with, including:


  • The additional cost of this model does not compare with the additional features
  • No option for upgrading memory
  • The battery life is lacking for using multiple apps
  • The curved screen edge is not utilized as well as it could be


Why Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers an innovative design with its wrap around high definition screen and a sleek but sturdy appearance with its aluminum alloy frame. The size of this smartphone is also larger than the iPhone 6, but its slim body makes it easy to hold in the palm of your hand.


Consumers wanting to take pictures with their smartphone, have the best rear-facing camera available on a smartphone at 16MP. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge upgraded the front-facing camera to 5MP for consumers wanting to take selfies.

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