The Things You didn’t know About Your iPhone 6 Plus – Review

Apple Inc. made a huge surprise when it introduced the iPhone 6 Plus along with Apple flagship iPhone 6. The 5.5 inches touch screen of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus has never been bigger when speaking about iPhones. This dimension has enabled full HD display of multimedia contents and personal pictures and videos.

On the other side, it is the high-end product that is often rated as user unfriendly, since it is too large to operate with one hand. Still, there are no huge changes in general specifications and design of Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus.


Pros of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus:


  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus is empowered with iOS 8 operating system, up gradable to iOS 10, and Apple A8 chip set. Some new features are available as free updates for iPhone users, such as file format update or the upgrades to Siri and SiriKit.
  • It has a larger battery, with extended life from one to two days.
  • Optical image stabilization instead of electronic image stabilization of Apple iPhone 6 is a huge benefit.


Cons of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus:


  • The chassis of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus suffers on “bend gate” which means it bends under pressure, but if not carried in the pocket it resists any damages.
  • Charging the battery takes almost three hours. However, the process is a bit faster if a USB port is used.
  • There are several difficulties in operating the home screen and mute button which come exclusively from the dimensions of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Thanks to its 5.5 touch screen Apple iPhone 6 Plus came close to Android manufacturers who introduced the touch screen of this size earlier, such as Samsung Galaxy Note II. In this way, Apple succeeded in the intention to attract those smartphone users, who have never thought to buy an iPhone. Full HD display on such a big screen guarantees the completely new experience in gaming, reading e-books, browsing or just watching multimedia.

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