iPhone 6s Review: Apple Phone Packs Inspirational Features Into an Old but Quiet Superb Box.

Apple Inc. announced iPhone 6s in 2015 emphasizing that its hardware and software features match both, older and brand new apps. For the whole year, this smartphone was one of the flagships of Apple. Apple iPhone 6s does not bring almost any design improvement, but the hardware is updated. 8MP camera has been replaced with 12 MP camera and finger recognition sensor has also been improved. “3D Touch” represents the new characteristic, which shows more sensitivity to different touches.


Pros of the Apple iPhone 6s:


  • The durability of the body is strengthened by stronger aluminium alloy.
  • The A9 cheapest with 2 GB of RAM is up to 70% faster, and the graphic performance is up to 90% better.
  • The both cameras are of high quality and seriously upgraded. For the first time, the Apple iPhone 6s supports 4K video recording.
  • Force Touch feature recognizes the level of pressure on touch screen and performs the corresponding action.


Cons of the Apple iPhone 6s:


  • The base storage capacity remains the same while photos and videos grow in size, according to their much better quality.
  • Apple iPhone 6s is of a bit higher weight than its predecessor, but it is noticeable only by a small number of users. This change may influence the use of some specified cases or other accessories.
  • Lower battery capacity is followed by the frequent recharge.

In compare to the pros of Apple iPhone 6s, the cons do not seem very significant to stop one buying it. It introduces 12 MP camera instead of the 8MP camera that was a standard since Apple iPhone 4s.

This serious upgrade enables captures of much higher-quality, with also better auto focus and exposure controls. On the other side, major improvements to the front-facing camera, including upgraded sensor, enable high-quality and sharper video calls.

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