Apple iPhone 5s : A Attractive, Divisive Look at Company’s Plan.

Apple iPhone 5s has a lot of characteristics in common with its predecessor Apple iPhone 5. However, it is faster, thanks to the 1.3GHz dual-core Apple A7 processor powered with 1GB of RAM. It is the right measure for the stable run of iOS 7.

Pros of the Apple iPhone 5s.


Some people who have used this Apple model in the longer period of time claim that they had no need to upgrade to the next generation of iPhones.

  • Aluminium finished body results in an extra small weight of 125 g.
  • 4 inches user friendly touch screen enables easy operating with only one hand.
  • iOS 7 offers inter-app setting which means personalised customisation as per requirements.
  • It has multiple sensors such as compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope which are a great help in outdoor activities. The ambient light sensor of the Apple iPhone 5s spares the battery life by regulating display brightness.

Cons of the Apple iPhone 5s.


  • Except for internal storage of 16 GB, there is no expandable storage.
  • Aluminum finished body is innovative in terms of design, but the smartphone heats rapidly.
  • Some users have complained about touch ID, which could be used only for unlocking the device or the purchase from iTunes.
  • 4 inches touchscreen might not be enough large for browsing or watching multimedia.

Apple iPhone 5s is available in three popular colors: Space Grey, Gold and Silver, and the two of its features may be discussed as pros and cons at the same time. Touchscreen dimensions may be inadequate for some users, but it depends on personal preferences.

Heavy users must pay some attention to heating while on the other side aluminum finished body is innovative and contributes to an extraordinary design. After several years, this smartphone still attracts Apple fans to discuss the product from the personal experiences.

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