Android Phone for Toddlers – Unlimited Compacts in Used and Refurbished Ones.


There may be some discussion for parents deciding whether their child should have a smartphone at all. Though it may seem a luxury for some, with options starting at just $40 it can represent more of a necessity than a gift of means.

Android Smartphones offer options such as learning plans and location tracking, and some of these options can offer parents some peace of mind, too. After all, there’s no price on that. Here are a few to consider for those who are looking for an Android phone for kids with great pricing in case the young one accidentally drops the phone it in the bathtub, for example.

Moto G4:


 An 2016 model starts at just $149 and offers a great camera feature and long lasting battery when the youngster undoubtedly leaves a game going overnight. This can be one of the best options when finding an Android phone for kids.


Moto E 2015:


 This Android phone for kids is just $99 and can handle nearly everything you and your child will throw at it. Whether it’s games or camera function, this one is built to work.


Kyocera Dura Force:


 This is the tank of Android phone for kids, as it’s military grade construction holds up to drops and waves of water. You can practically dare the tykes to break it.


Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3:


 This Android comes in a great variety of colors for the most finicky of adolescents, and at just $39 the best feature maybe its replaceable value. This Android phone for kids may not handle the best of games, but it will satisfy parent’s pocketbooks just fine.




This Android Phone is a parent’s dream with set learning plans, an array of parental controls, and location tracking. The great variety of colors is a kid-pleaser too.


Kurio Phone:


 Another favorite of parents, this Android phone for kids has unlimited parental control, content restrictions, and the ability for remote access to almost every app. Parents can rest easy knowing they’ll be able to access whatever their youngster is doing.

It doesn’t just have to be the choice of Android phone for kids to make a parent feel good about allowing their child a smartphone. There are plenty of options to make sure a child is staying on the right side of the internet and apps.

Google Play has plenty of third-party options for parents to monitor usage and restrict certain navigation. There are great deals for all Android Phone for Kids in both used and refurbished options as well, so parents can find just about anything they’d want that’ll fit their budget.

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