6 Remarkable Video Calling Apps for the Android Phone Users

In the world of fibre optics and LTE fast networks, keeping in touch has never been easier. Android Smartphone users can kick expensive network to network calls to the curb and experience a more personal way of talking to family, friends and business associates. Let’s look at different apps available to Android users in today’s market:


1. Whatsapp Messenger:


Most Android users are familiar with this incredibly popular messenger app, but have you tried the very convenient and easy to use video call function? Video calling between devices is easy with Whatsapp Messenger.


Whatsapp video calling is only available to Android users with Android OS 4.1+ and more recent. If your software is out of date or your Android device is too old, you will not be able to make video calls. Whatsapp Messenger is a free app that you can use without having to pay a subscription.


2. Facebook Messenger:


What makes this a fantastic communication platform is that most users that have Facebook also have Facebook Messenger installed. It is a very user-friendly platform to use and with a single tap on the video icon, you can connect with anyone no matter where they find themselves in this world.


A strong internet connection is needed to use this feature of Facebook Messenger effectively. Facebook Messenger is completely free of charge. So there is nothing stopping you from using it.


3. Viber:


Viber is an instant messenger app offered to Android users that provide users with the opportunity to video chat with other users that are on the same platform. It is easy to use and the layout of the app is extremely user-friendly.


Viber works across devices so an Android user can easily keep in touch with someone with an iOS device. Viber is free to download from Google Play store, but it does offer users in-app purchases and it also has ads that pop up after you have made a call.


4. Skype:


Skype was the pioneer in video calling and has developed the platform over the years to suit mobile devices as well as PCs and laptops. Many users started video chat on Skype and have remained loyal users. This makes Skype one of the largest video calling platforms available. Android users can now experience this easy to use app with a quick download from the Google Play Store.


5. Google Hangouts:


Android users will love Google’s fun and easy to use Google hangouts. If you are already a Google + user you will automatically have the Hangouts functionality and all your Google contacts will be added to people that you can potentially connect with. Android devices are preloaded with Google applications and that makes Hangouts even easier to use.


6. ooVoo:


ooVoo is an instant messenger app with video call functionality. It is convenient, easy to use and very social. It lets you connect with up to twelve friends in a simultaneous video conversation. Android users can use this app to connect with friends and family across the board.


ooVoo works with all iOS Phones, Android, Windows and Amazon Fire. This is ideal for keeping in contact with everyone. The video quality is crystal clear and it gives you the option to record your video chat while it is taking place. The best part is ooVoo is free of charge. It does include in-app purchases.


Video calling shrinks the world into your pocket. Any moment of your life can be shared, in real time, with loved ones all over the globe. Any one of these apps gives you the freedom to stay in touch, stay informed and stay connected. Never miss another moment. Share in important events even when you are physically unable to attend. Android users, you have the opportunity to sculpt your own reality. Grab this chance and be with your loved ones even when you are oceans apart.


Android users really live in a global village of interconnectedness. Your heartbeat is only a tap away. With the tap of the video icon on your Android device you can have the most important people in your life be part of your journey every step of the way. Don’t be left out in the cold. Who wants to see a smiley face when they get to see your smiling face. Download it now!

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