Exactly how to Use SD Card to Protect Data and Apps of Android Device? – Review Key Points.

In the present scenario our Android phone is no less than a pocket computer and is rightly called so due to the great amount of important data stored in it. Contacts, messages and other important work related data are the unlimited data that is stored in our Android Smartphones so there is always need to protect data and apps.


The very idea of our phone getting lost or stolen is very unnerving. But there is no need to worry as there is a solution to protect data and apps on to a SD Card from Android. Similarly at times when we want to install a new app on our Android device, it may be out of memory.


Although the new Android devices are capable of installing apps and managing the space available in an effective manner, but often it does happen that a new app just cannot be installed either due to lack of space or sometimes even when space is available. Here again the only solution to protect data and apps is to shift your less used apps on to a SD Card from Android.


How to Protect Data and Apps?


One great feature of the new Android devices is that all the data like contacts or other important information in it will be backed up by Google onto the cloud which is then correlated with your Google Account. So in case of your device gets lost, damaged or stolen you just need to log on to your Google account from another Android device and the data will be automatically synced to your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.


Procedure to Protect Data and Apps onto a SD Card:


  • Android devices allow you to smoothly backup your contacts with the least effort by simply opening the Contact app. After pressing the menu key select Import/Export. It is basically a very simple process.

If you want to backup your contacts, just select ‘Export to Storage’ and this will enable to save all your contacts to your SD Card or any internal device memory that can be transferred at any later time. A ‘vCard will be generated which is consistent with many applications. Now in case you want your contacts back onto your device select ‘Import from Storage”. Your Android device will instantly begin importing all contacts with the help of the vCard.


  • In case of backup of your messages it gets a little complicated. The Messaging Android App does not let the import/export of messages, so an external app has to be used. The GoSMS is an app that lets you backup within the app itself. The ‘Super Backup’ is another app having better backup features but this can again be done by following a few simple steps.

Select “Backup” if you want all your messages to be backed up. If you require a backup of individual messages you have to select “Backup Conversations” Your Messages are now secure in your SD Card. This app has the feature of promptly emailing the backup to some other place also if required.


Procedure for moving already Installed Apps onto a SD Card:


  • Firstly the Setting App has to be opened
  • Proceed to the Apps menu
  • Select the App that you want to move to the SD Card
  • Select ‘Move to SD Card’

There is an App2SD that is equally effective to move your already installed apps onto a SD Card in more or less the same way. One does not realize how much installed apps are using memory from the internal memory of your phone. Ensure that you move only those apps that you do not rely on for speed as a slow SD Card may not be that effective performance wise whenever you use that app.

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