Apple iPhone 5 – One of the Best-selling Apple Products – Review


Apple iPhone 5 belongs to the sixth generation of Apple smartphones, and it was released in September 2012. It is interesting that Apple received over two million pre-orders within a day, in the week prior to the official release. This smartphone shows significant design improvements in compare to the former generation of iPhones.

Light and thin body of Apple iPhone 5 is aluminum-based, with a high-resolution screen. Previous iPhones used 30-pin dock connector, but here it was replaced with a new compact dock connector. The 8MP Sony Camera remained the same as by the iPhone 4S.

Pros of the Apple iPhone 5:


Apple iPhone 5 is praised by the users for many features including:

  • iOS 6 platform, which is easily upgradeable up to iOS 10.2.
  • ‘Touch ID’ or fingerprint sensor for unlocking the iPhone that is also suitable for on-line purchasing.
  • 8MB Sony Camera with a larger sensor and a wider aperture, which enable more light. The two tones flash is responsible for realistic colours even by poor lightening conditions.
  • The battery of the Apple iPhone 5 lasts up to 51 hours, and it enables extended time for talk or browsing

Cons of the Apple iPhone 5:


Some users of Apple iPhone 5 noticed minor hardware issues, such as:

  • The presence of the purple shade in captures.
  • Compatibility of the iPhone with some accessories was affected by the implementation of the new compact dock connector.
  • The excellent camera doesn’t contain an optical zoom.
  • Other users also noticed that the attractive aluminium back panel is not scratch resistant, and it demands some extra care while handling.

Why Apple iPhone 5?


In conclusion, Apple iPhone 5 is more than a solid device. According to users’ reviews and comments, its platform remains stable when upgraded to newer versions of iOS. It is utmost important for the quality functioning of the wide range of apps.

The occasional presence of the purple shade in captures is not typical for this smartphone, but it is a common issue for digital cameras in general. Two tones flash and an excellent camera guarantee for realistic photos at any time of the day. Basically, it is the same smartphone as it’s a bit faster successor Apple iPhone 5S.

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