Apple iPhone 4s wonders Despite Initial Conviction – Review

Apple iPhone 4s came as a surprise in October 2011, when everyone expected the launch of iPhone 5. However, it seems that Apple did not disappoint its fans with this product. Apple iPhone 4s might have kept the same design as its iPhone 4, its predecessor, but it comes with powerful tech upgrades.

Some of the most significant changes that Apple introduced with iPhone 4s include upgraded 8MP camera, dual-core A5 processor, and a major increase in graphical processing power. Beside these hardware upgrades, Apple iPhone 4s features Siri, a voice recognition software.

As any other device, Apple iPhone 4s comes with pros and cons. It is always challenging to highlight the most prominent features, but there are few that certainly stand out. So, here are pros and cons to Apple iPhone 4s.


  • Excellent camera (features image stabilization and easy face detection)
  • Superb graphics and 3.5-inch touch-screen display
  • Siri voice recognition software


  • Old exterior design
  • No 4G integration

Although customers might have expected a major change in the design, Apple iPhone 4s still managed to make a good impression with its boosted performance and device improvements. It is true that Apple iPhone 4s has smaller screen compared to iPhone 5, 5s and 5c, but a lot customers prefer phone’s overall smaller size. As they say, it makes the phone more practical and it nicely fits in the pocket.

Apple iPhone 4s might not be exactly what Apple fans were hoping for, but this phone introduces advanced tech features and solutions that put this phone into the spotlight. Despite few downsides, Apple iPhone 4s is surely a large step forward in the world of smartphones.

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