Stuffs those are superior in Apple iPhone 5s as Compare to iPhone 5- Review

Time and again Apple has come up with some extraordinary phones. iPhone 5S is another one of their remarkable product. The phone is a complete package, it offers a wide range of features that enhance your smartphone experience.

iPhone 5s is an improved version of iPhone 5. The phone was launched on September, 30th 2013. Enhanced optics and performance and additional features follow this leap forward in design. This has been the story of iPhone and their S-class successors for so long now.

It started with iPhone 3GS back in 2009 and is still the same for iPhone 5s. The new S-class successor of iPhone 5 comes with an improved fingerprint ID sensor; it is 64 bit and has 120 frames per second rate. This new flagship phone of Apple retains most the same design and almost the same features of iPhone 5.



Both the phones iPhone 5s and 5 have literally the same design with a slight difference in the Home Button. Another thing that is different is the color, iPhone 5s comes in a gold color as well. Like iPhone 5, 5s is also impossibly light and it looks really classy in one’s hand.

Apple A7 and M7 Chipsets:


The phone is powered by Apply A7 SOC (System on a chip). Apple is the first company to get a 64-bit SOC on the market. The A7 includes PowerVR g630 graphics processor, an OpenGL ES, and 1.3GHz dual-core processor. This means that iPhone 5s was not once the most advanced mobile devices on the planet, but it also had the ability to run more complicated games and applications.

Touch ID Fingerprint Identity sensor:


Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor was first introduced via iPhone 5s. This was a big movement and almost the entire world went crazy after it. With is you can unlock your phone through bio metric authentication. In case, you haven’t used your touch ID for about 48 hours, then you would have to use your pass code in order to unlock your phone as well as to reactive the Touch ID facility.

FaceTime and iSight Cameras:


iPhone 5s has a better and improved camera than iPhone 5. Although, both cameras have the same megapixels, i.e. 8 mega-pixel, yet the pictures taking via iPhone 5s are better, sharper and brighter, the reason being the image signal processor in the Apply A7.

The iSight camera of the phone also gets less motion blur, less color distortion, better low light, better sharpness, better exposure and better balance. In addition to this, the camera has the ability to intelligently locate the best shots in the series. Like the rear camera, the front camera of iPhone 5s is better as compared to iPhone 5.

Disadvantages of iPhone 5s:


  • The Aluminum black panel might look classy and elegant, but it can be a subject to dents and scratches.
  • Since both the bottom and upper portions of the phone are made up of glass this makes them fairly susceptible to damage.
  • The camera does not have an optical zoom

The company has discontinued the phone but that doesn’t mean you should miss the chance of getting your hands on one. You can buy this amazing iPhone 5s for as low as £189.95 from Alpha Smartphones.

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