6 Significant Recompenses of New Samsung Galaxy Phone Over the iPhone

Latest Samsung galaxy S6 phones might not have plenty of new features, but they definitely contain some major design and quality enhancements. Many Samsung fans will be delighted with this Samsung’s new approach, as improvements on new galaxy phones finally address some long lasting issues. Instead of cramming the phones with countless new apps and features, Samsung decided to focus on few key elements, such as:

  • User-friendly and attractive design
  • Manufacturing quality
  • Enhanced fingerprint sensor

True Samsung enthusiasts recognise the importance of Samsung’s strategy when it comes to new galaxy phones. Samsung decided to focus on issues that its customers rated as top priority, and this approach is already paying off.

Unlike its previous devices, Samsung chose not to add large number of new features to new galaxy phones. However, Samsung’s galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are still miles ahead from iPhones. Here is a list of few things that new galaxy phones can do, unlike iPhones.

1. Samsung Pay has virtually no constraints:


 You want to use your phone to make purchases anywhere? It is not going to be an issue with new galaxy S6 and S6 edge. If the store has a credit-card reader, and it is almost impossible to find one that does not, you are all set. Using Samsung Pay, unlike Apple Pay, is not constrained to paying at terminals with near-field communication. This feature brings a huge advantage to new galaxy phones. Simply take your Samsung phone and experience a new level of modern shopping.


2.Wireless charging has arrived:


 Are you tired of conventional charging? Are you ready for next best alternative? Forget old, boring chargers that quickly get damaged and charge your new galaxy phones wirelessly. Samsung took a big step forward providing its customers with multiple charging options, while iPhones seem to be far away from the possibility of wireless charging.


3.New galaxy phones pioneer fast – changing technology:


 Samsung decided to put some extra effort in incorporating fast-changing technology into its latest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. According to first impressions, this move might pay off. Apple is yet to start implementing this technology in iPhones. According to Samsung, only 10 minutes of charging should enable you to use your new Galaxy phone for the next 4 hours. Isn’t that impressive? It is super helpful, especially nowadays when we find ourselves in a rush and low on battery all the time. Regarding this feature, new Galaxy phones totally beat iPhones.


4.Manage Your Phone Like Never Before:


 Cleaning up your phone out of all sorts of junk that just slows it down is absolutely necessary. Until now, Samsung Galaxy users had to rely on third party apps to make this happen. But guess what? The newest members of Samsung Galaxy family feature the Smart Manager app that will forever solve the problem of junk piling up in your phone. It checks and maintains your disk usage, storage capacity, RAM, etc.

This amazing addition to galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones bypasses all third party clean-up apps and lets you manage your phone in the most efficient way. All it takes is one press of a button and you can watch the magic happens. Unlike new Galaxy phones, iPhones still rely heavily on third-party apps to perform this job. However, the quality of iPhone cleaning is quite questionable.


5.Samsung – Multitasking Champion:


 Ever needed to do at least two things at the same time? Well Samsung understands your need and multitasking features are better than ever. Although new galaxy phones are not the first Samsung phones to have this possibility, running more than one app simultaneously on the home screen is super fun on new galaxy phones as well, bad news for iPhone users. This kind of multitasking is not possible to do on iPhone. It allows for only one app on the home screen at a time.


6.New Way of Tracking Your Health:


 Despite Apple attempts to expand its health-related app offer, Samsung’s latest addition is the absolute winner. Recognizing an ever-increasing need among its consumers for health tracking, Samsung decided to take a giant step forward. New Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, can measure your heart rate. Yes, you are reading this for real! With a simple press against the phone screen, you can get an accurate heart rate measurement. Follow us and discover more tech-related stories!

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