A Look at the Gossips Surrounding the Features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Review things you didn’t know.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! This has been the life story of Samsung Galaxy S line since its launch back in 2010. But now, it seems that the company has come up with something more than before. They have literally come up with a phone that not only matches iPhone, but it surpasses it.


Bad news for you Apple, the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge is a phone that you will never forget. Both Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge look different due based on how they reflect light. One reason being, a Gorilla Glass 4.0 has been added to bring out more color. For instance, your black sapphire model may look blue, depending on the angle of your phone and the light surrounding it.

Key features:

With Samsung S6 Edge you get a 5.1-inch quad HD super AMOLED display. This really blows away the iPhone 6’s 326 ppi screen.  The phone will come in with a storage capacity of 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. For battery S6 edge would come with 2,500 mAh which is slightly less than S6 battery.  The phone comes with 3GB of RAM with a 14-nanometer processor and ultra-fast USF 2.0 flash memory.

The Tradeoffs:

No Expandable Memory:

Expandable memory was one reason I loved Samsung, but it seems the company has decided to drop this feature in the amazing Samsung S6 Edge. I must say I was pretty disappointed to learn this, however, I would cope.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is not a phone that one could find so easily. The phone wasn’t available with a number of distributors such as Metro PCS etc.

The phone might not be readily available right after its launch, but you can now easily get this phone at Alpha Smartphones for almost half its price. Just visit the website and enjoy the numerous phone options available within your tight budget.

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