The Innovative Features you didn’t know about Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge could do – Review

Samsung, the giant mobile enterprise, has always managed to come up with something that would leave its customers in awe. Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge were no different. People have been going crazy after the phone ever since they have being unveiled at The Mobile World Congress in February. The phones may have looked similar to their predecessors, but they for sure out win in terms of performance, flexibility, and features. They are a complete package.
A wide variety of inbuilt features makes it very difficult for anyone to claim that they know everything that their phone can do. There are always hidden features that one is not aware of, regardless thoroughly they have checked their phone. Samsung is in the habit of keeping things secret. These features are bound to make your phones more interesting. Below we have listed 7 tips and tricks that you didn’t know your phone could do.

Change the screen grid Size:

Don’t like the default 4×4 screen grid size, S7 and S7 edge allow you to change it. This out of the box feature is among my favorites. All one has to do is press long enough on the blank part of the home screen to bring forward the customization options. After that tap on the Screen Grid option, you can then choose between three different settings and also make room for more widgets and apps.

Different Edge panels for different moods:

If you have opted for the smarter of two, i.e. Samsung S7 edge, it is imperative that you make the most of it. Go to setting and tap on the Edge screen option. From there select tap on the edge panels and choose Apps Edge in order to make smart-access of your favorite apps. You can also customize a number of aspects of the Edge panel via Edge panel handle settings.

Turn off the always on display:

This might be the headline feature of new Samsung Phones, but many like me are not a fan of the idea that the date and other notifications alerts are being constantly shown on the display screen. Even when the phone handset is at rest. You can easily turn off this feature from Display section. This will also save battery life.

Multiple Lock Screen Wallpapers:

Bored of just one lock screen wallpaper? Then don’t forget to enjoy this amazing feature. You can now choose up to 30 different pictures that would rotate on your lock screen. Go to the Settings app and tap on the Wallpaper option. From there select the Lock screen >select images from the gallery and then choose the top picks.

Apps can be stored on MicroSD Card:

Finally, the external storage support is back in S7. I believe it was a good decision made by the company. This means you can free of your internal storage by moving your apps to the external memory. To move your app to the microSD card, go to setting, select Application Manager and choose the app that you want to move. Tap on Storage and change the destination, but keep in mind this does not work with inbuilt apps.
Quickly launch the camera:

Some of us buy a phone based on its camera. Having a quick access to the camera at any point on the phone is like a cherry on top of a cake. If you people are new to the Samsung world, I am sure you might not be aware of the handy little feature that is around since S6. You can jump straight to camera by double tapping the home button. I find it very useful, but in case you don’t like it. You can always disable it via advanced features in settings.
Split the Screen with two apps:

This is another amazing feature in Samsung Galaxy S7. I love this feature in Windows, but now that I have it in a phone. You can imagine how elated I was. You can now split your phone screen between two different apps. To reach the overview screen, tap on the square button. Then tap double rectangle icon via the compatible app. This makes that particular app jump to the top of the screen and you can open the other app in the lower part of the screen.

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